I live to kill you.
~ Doomsday
I will destroy you all!
~ Doomsday's victory quote

Doomsday is a supporting antagonist in the 2013 DC fighting video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us.

He is an ancient Kryptonian monster who despises all life and desires to eradicate it and Superman's deadliest enemy, until the Man of Steel became a brutal, fascist and insane tyrant and ended up being imprisoned and controlled by Superman for the One-Earth Regime's own benefits.

He was voiced by Khary Payton, who also voiced Cyborg in the same franchise.



Long before Kryptonians inhabited their eponymous planet, it was home to a scientist that repeatedly experimented on an artificial being that was meant to be the most dangerous animal in the galaxy. The idea was that it was sent into battle to be killed, and then upon recreation, would become impervious to the way it was killed before.

This alien, branded ''Doomsday'', would break out of captivity and would come to Earth. Upon reawakening, it wreaked havoc across its entire journey across America, disposing of the Justice League before coming into contact with Superman. They engaged in a ferocious battle that trashed a good amount of Metropolis, eventually ending up in a draw that cost both their lives. Since then, as expected, Doomsday would come back numerous other times, but was always brought down in a different way.

At some point, Doomsday had killed Superman but returns once more to protect the earth.

Year One

While Superman desperately searches for his kidnapped wife, he confronts Doomsday while inside the submarine that the Joker and Harley Quinn stole. The Man of Steel, fearing for the life of his wife and unborn child, tackled the monster in the upper atmosphere, but is horrified when he realizes that he was drugged by the fear toxin with kryptonite and that Doomsday is actually Lois Lane.

Year Three

The hallucination of Doomsday is seen again during Superman's dream state, only with the Man of Steel saving Lois's life this time instead.

Year Five

Five years after the destruction of Metropolis, Doomsday finally reappeared, crash landing on Earth and shattering the Flash's leg in the process. Doomsday challenged Superman to a fight and battled the man of steel like he had done once before. Thanks to a surprise intervention from Bane, wishing to join Superman's Regime, Doomsday was defeated and delivered to Lex Luthor for "reconditioning".

After some time, Luthor successfully brainwashed Doomsday and kept the monster housed within the Fortress of Solitude. With Luthor's imperfect Superman clone Bizarro accidentally creating havoc around the world, Luthor ordered his clone to the Fortress to have Doomsday destroy it, washing his own hands of any evidence of Bizarro's creation. Doomsday, under control of Luthor, ambushed Bizarro, but Superman, wanting Bizarro to be taken alive for evidence, intervened in their fight. Luthor saw the opportunity to finally beat Superman and end his Regime and secretly ordered Doomsday to direct his attention to the real Superman instead of the impostor. Though Doomsday almost killed Superman, Luthor ordered Doomsday back to attacking Bizarro, guilty over his decision. Doomsday successfully killed the clone, protecting Luthor's identity as its creator.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

After the destruction of Metropolis, Doomsday has been imprisoned for five years by the Superman regime to try to educate the monster through the Phantom Zone, but the methods were ineffective. So Superman devised a necklace that allows him to control his movements, being used as a weapon of last resort for One-Earth Regime's.

When Superman kills Lex Luthor and Shazam, he orders Flash and Yellow Lantern to prepare Doomsday for the impending attack on Metropolis and Gotham. Later, Doomsday appears assisting in the attack on Metropolis, knocking down buildings one after another with a single header.

In the end, Doomsday attacks Superman from the main universe, but is taken to the Fortress of Solitude by Superman to fight him.

Doomsday is eventually defeated by Superman and thrown into the Phantom Zone.

Classic Battle

In Doomsday's ending, Doomsday used technology in the Fortress of Solitude to terraform Earth into the image of prehistoric Krypton. Eventually, Doomsday departed Earth seeking a challenge and finding it in form of the intergalactic mercenary Lobo.

Powers and Abilities

Doomsday evolved to possess almost limitless superhuman strength that allowed him to kill almost anything in his path with his bare hands, a body and mind completely invulnerable to pain, having bone tips protruding from various points on his body that he can use to impale his enemies for devastating attacks, and the most dangerous ability of all, reactive adaptation: even if something or someone is able to kill him, Doomsday will heal and recover, evolving even more, becoming stronger still, doing what killed him once be unable to kill him again.



  • Like his original counterpart, he is best known among the general public as the first villain to have killed Superman, even temporarily, based on DC comics from the early 1990s titled Death of Superman.
    • Though in most comics, Doomsday is a deranged killing machine, with no conscience or mind of his own. In Injustice, Doomsday has developed the ability to speak and express himself through broken English, which means that he has developed a certain level of awareness and a mind of his own.
  • In the demo version of the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us, Doomsday appears as an unavailable character and the final boss opponent in arcade mode.
  • Although he is incredibly dangerous, Doomsday has seen in the universe of Injustice a notable weakness that is exploited to its full extent: ''mind control'' and despite the fact that he is not normally a conscious being and, therefore, incapable of feeling fear or pain , Doomsday possesses limited consciousness and, as such, is left vulnerable to having his mind overwritten by outside sources, leaving him under the control of another person.


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