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Get some! Get some! Get some! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
~ Door Gunner
You should do a story about me sometime. Cause I'm so f*cking good! That ain't no sh*t either! I done got me 157 Gooks killed and fifty water buffalo too! They were all certified.
~ Door Gunner

The Door Gunner is an unnamed antagonist in the famous anti-war film, Full Metal Jacket - while most of the characters in the film are morally flawed and capable of being seen in varied lights depending on the viewer's own sense of ethics, the Door Gunner is notable for being a pure psychopath with little redeeming qualities, despite his small appearance in the film.

The Door Gunner is an unnamed combatant in the Vietnam war who is introduced as a homicidal maniac who makes a hobby out of randomly opening fire on any civilians he comes across - often quoting his infamous catchphrase of "get some" as he kills his victims : as he massacres civilians Joker watches in silent horror, after a while the Door Gunner happily converses with Joker saying that he should interview him and shows great pride in killing many Vietnamese.

Joker then asks if this includes women and children, to which the Door Gunner laughs and confirms - Joker asks how the Door Gunner can justify killing women and children, to which the mad veteran simply states "simple, you just don't lead them as much" then notes his infamous "ain't war Hell?" phrase before the scene ends.

The Door Gunner is not heard of again in the film.

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