The Door Mask is the ninth of Black Cross Iron Man Mask General Temujin's Masked Monsters. This monster has a lock in on its front. He is also the main antagonist in episode 29 of the 1975 TV series Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

He was voiced by Masaki Iwana, who also voiced a Rainbow Mask, a Shot Mask, and an Iron Tube Mask.


The Door Mask made his first appearance when he trapped the scientist in the room while special co-op zolders knocks out the scientist with a special gas and stole the Super X. A while later he then stops the Gorengers in their tracks and battles them. Once the team transformed they end up somewhere in the mountainside and continues the fight, but he decides to retreat towards a nearby crate and traps the team inside with ticking time bomb which is the shape of a lock and left.

A while later the Door Mask is was at the train as they load the Super X onboard in the cargo and left the station. While on board the Door Mask spots the Variblune in the air and order his men to shoot it down. However with the Super X on the train Akira is having a hard time piloting it as the Super X sent the variblune away.

Eventually Kaijo catches up with the train with the help of the computer and tries to retrieve the Super X computer from the Door Mask, but the computer explodes before he can save it, appearing to destroy itself to protect its secrets.

When Temujin catches up with them, he reveals the core computer of Super X still existed, which he placed inside Door Mask to continue with the Black Cross' plot. However the Door Mask has recalled at bunch of defeated masked monster that the Gorengers eliminated (and for starters he's going over the names of the monsters that are dead) and they are a Shot Mask, a Gear Mask, a Wire Mask, a Razor Mask, a Lamprey Mask and the Vein Mask. So for the "murders" that Kaijo has made they plan to execute Akarenger by having a train to run him over.

However before Kaijo is executed he'd asked the Door Mask to blindfold him which he did and as soon as the Door Mask reaches for the handkerchief it transformed into a pigeon signaling the other Gorengers of where he's at. Kaijo keeps the Door Mask occupied by showing him some of the tricks that he has done, but that trick has the Door Mask all tied up.

However, a bump on Door Mask's head ends up fusing Super X's programming with his own, merging the two together and increasing Door Mask's power a hundredfold. The Gorengers use a special Gorenger Double Storm to finally defeat the Masked Monster even at the loss of their former computer.


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