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Dophore is a minor antagonist from Romancing SaGa 3, though he doesn't appear in person he is mentioned during the storyline.


Dophore is the owner of the Dophore Firm, one of the many trading companies that operate in the world. His company is situated in the city of Yamas, where he does most of its business, which involves keeping a monopoly over many items, extorting money from Yamas's denizens and smuggling illegal goods which includes drugs. All of his illegal deeds prompted the insurgence of the masked hero Robin, who started fighting Dophore's men and unmasking his company.

When the heroes arrive at Yamas, they watch as Dophore's men try to get money from a elderly and smuggle drug ingredients, all of which are thwarted by Robin. back in the city, the Pub waiter Lime is calling people to resist against Dophore, but his men start beating him up. Just the a fat version of Robin shows up and saves Lime, but end captured. Dophore's men immediately decide to burn him, but the real Robin appears and save the other Robin, so they call upon monsters to fight the two. The heroes join forces with the two Robins and defeat the monsters. After this event Dophore Firm starts losing its influence and get near bankruptcy.

If the player has Thomas and Fullbright on the group, the player is able to buy the Dophore Firm through their business minigame.


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