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Doppelganger, also known as Doppelganger the Deathvoid, is a minor villain in the videogame Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.


When Dante first enters the Apparition Incarnate, Doppelganger emerged from Dante's shadow. Dante decided to mock Doppelganger for trying to "ask him some questions", saying that he's already answered them to himself.

Doppelganger proceeded by drawing out his sword and confronting Dante. During the fight, Dante notice that all of his attacks didn't to that much damage. It wasn't until he managed to expose Doppelganger towards light.

Doppelganger appeared to be weaken, to which Dante realized that Doppelganger is stronger in the shadows.

After a lengthy fight against Doppelganger, Dante managed to defeat him. Dante then receives Doppelganger's soul as an attack Style known as the Doppelganger style.


An enigmatic advesary, the demon doesn't show much personality unlike majorities of Temen-ni-gru. When defeated by Dante, however, the demon accepts their own defeat and allows Dante to absorb him without hesitation.

Powers and Abilities

Doppelganger is a powerful demon. He as the ability to shape-shift into a shadowy form of his opponent. When he takes the form of Dante, Doppelganger wield a sword that resembles Rebellion in it's Devil Trigger form. He also can generate a black orb that can be used to either harm Dante or block out the light. He also can generate a dark shockwave that can be used to both harm Dante and block out all the lights. Doppelganger is also more powerful when he's in the shadows. When he's exposed to the light, Doppelganger enters in a weaken state.


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