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I do not lie when I say the mural brings fortune-it brings the good fortune of becoming a part of my masterpiece! Hm hm ha haa! HA HA HAAA!
~ Dora-In-Grey

Dora-In-Grey is a minor antagonist in Dragon Quest XI. Seemingly an innocent little girl that lives in the town of Phnom Nonh, she is in fact an evil spirit with the power to travel between diemensions that is obsessed with making herself more beautiful.


Dora seems to be a kind-hearted girl on her surface, telling an old man to go to the mural of Phom Nonh to wish for good health. However, in reality, Dora-In-Grey is a ruthless and obsessed being that is willing to do anything to make herself more beatiful. She noticably looks down on human lives, seeing them as nothing more then paints to make herself more beautiful.


Dora-in-Grey is an evil spirit of the cursed mural of the town of Phnom Nonh. She takes the form of a little girl called Dora to lure people to see the mural, which promises wealth. As for the pure-hearts, she tricks them by telling them that her parents disappeared after seeing the mural. In reality, everyone who goes to see the mural will get sucked into another dimension, which is called as The Other Side, where Dora-in-Grey steals their soul with her vines to become more beautiful.

In the game, the Luminary and his party are tricked and are sucked into The Other Side, however, they managed to escape and found out Dora's true Identity. So they go back to find Dora. Dora than goes to the deepest part of The Other Side and tell the Luminary to find her. When they find Dora, she transforms into her true form and attempted to steal their soul. However, Dora-In-Grey ended up getting defeated. She than warns them about Mordegon's victory at the Yggdrasil before exploding, leaving the magic key behind and freeing all of her victims.


When first met by Luminary, she is a little girl. However, her ture form is a giant female spirit that resemble a cage.



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