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It's always the make it too easy for me. Will I ever taste defeat?
~ Dorian to the prison guards during his escape

L'amour de ma vie
oh, the love of my life you are
my dream and my shining guiding star
and no matter how
small, or foolish you may seem
you're still the only dream that I dream
once I have finally found you I'll never let you go
you are the love of my life you see
I'm all alone with no family or home but I will not despair for I know that out there
my pain will be through when I finally find you-
Ma Vie, Ma Vie
Ma Vie, Ma Vie

~ Dorian singing his version of O Toi La Vie to Kiyosumi Katou

Dorian Kaioh is a character in the Baki anime and manga series. He is one of the five main antagonists of the Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga.



In his youth, he was in the United States Army shortly after World War II, and was stationed in Japan, where he presumably began studying martial arts. He became a practitioner of Chinese kenpo and learned from the same school, and reached the same degree as Kaioh Retsu, the first westerner in history to achieve that title. Retsu is younger, and the Kaioh grade after Dorian had already left the temple. They shared the same Master, Ryu Kaioh. It is unknown how he became a criminal or what crimes he was committed for, but was eventually placed on death row.

Most Evil Death Row Convicts 

Dorian was sentenced to death by hanging in the Washington prison. But he manages to deceive the guards and kill them all, starting with several guards and two guards crushing his head with a kick and breaks the shirt of strength, while other guards come to open the door and hanged the doctor, the priest and several guards with a rope stuck in the neck and found written" Ladies and Gentleman, see you in Tokyo" and Dorian takes a long swim to Tokyo at night. Dorian is later present with the other escaped convicts as they meet with Baki, Tokugawa, Kaioh Retsu, Doppo Orochi, and Shibukawa as the rules are established for their fights going forward; anytime, anywhere, anything goes.

Dorian enters a Katsumi dojo and defeats Katsumi and then comes Retsu who faces him but Dorian takes out the liquor drinks him and a little throws him to the ground and makes a big breath with the lighter by burning the dojo but Retsu extinguishes the fire. After they meet all the escaped inmates and Baki, Kaoru Hanayama, Doppo Orochi, Katsumi.

After a while he stopped the fire of the Kaioh's, but he had not foreseen the cable of the piano cut that Doppo used to hit Dorian in face without a hand and flees. He then returns to the dojo with a burn of diesel fuel and a lighter but Katsumi manages to stop him by defeating him and being burned. Dorian cut the ear, spits the grenade from the mouth, destroying the dojo but survive and defeats Katou in the park. He also defeats Karateka and Suedo but is eventually defeated by Doppo, who has the rebuilt hand that destroys the bones of his back was about to be scalded by Katou with a live scorpion. He escapes again, but is defeated by Retsu, at which point his mind reverts to that of a five year old child.


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