Dorman is one of the main villains from Ys V.


Dorman is a rich merchant from Xandria, owning a large mansion at the northwest of the town. When Adol arrives at Xandria, Dorman greets him and shows him a crystal he had obtained, telling Adol about the lost city of Kefin, and the desertification which had been spreading from its ruins. He then hires Adol to search for the crystals needed to break the seal over Kefin, so he could stop the desertification.

Adol obtains most of the crystals, notifying Dorman that one of them ad been stolen by the Ibur Gang, who tells Adol to look for the rest while he deals with the gang. After Adol obtains the last crystal, he returns to Xandria only to find the place had been sieged by Dorman. Adol goes to the item shop, where he finds that Niena, the girl who run the shop, had been kidnapped by Dorman, who left a letter demanding the crystals in exchange for the girl.

When Adol breaks into the mansion, Dorman orders Rizze, who had been working with him the whole time, to take the crystals from him. As Adol is knocked by Rizze's underlings, he is brought to Dorman's personal island, where he built a facility to research alchemy. He then reveals that he seeks to bring Kefin back to the physical world so he could obtain the secret power of alchemy within the city for himself. He starts the ritual, but it fails, as the crystal he took form the Ibur Gang was a fake. Enraged, he uses his alchemy power to transform into a monster and attack everyone, but Adol ultimately defeats him. After Dorman dies, Rizze appears and reveals that she has been manipulating Dorman, completing the ritual and leaving for Kefin.


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