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The Dormouse in American McGee's Alice.

The Dormouse is a villain in American McGee's Alice.

American McGee's Alice

In the first game, like the March Hare, the Dormouse (just called Dormy) has literally become a lab rat in the Mad Hatter's workshop. Still prone to dozing off, partially because of the Hatter's medicines, the Dormouse seems barely aware of his condition and is shocked repeatedly in order to be kept awake. Indeed, he is seemingly oblivious to the fact that he is no longer enjoying tea with his friends. Alice finds the Dormouse strapped to a dissection table, with his gastrointestinal tract exposed and his legs and tail replaced with robotic parts.

Alice: Madness Returns

The dormouse by fisi-d3i9lp3

The Dormouse in Alice: Madness Returns.

In the sequel Alice: Madness Returns, he and the March Hare take over the Mad Hatter's steampunk domain. They embraced their automaton bodies and have constructed the Infernal Train, the new manifestation of Alice's inner turmoil. The Dormouse had apparently given himself an upgrade of sorts- he had wheels instead of legs to get around, had a wind-up key in his back (possibly to jump-start him if he should fall asleep) and a device used to keep his eyes open.
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