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AAAAARGH! I can't believe I was set up by a couple of starry-eyed fools prattling about "friendship" and "love" and...and... Oooo, it makes me wanna PUKE! This is not gonna happen! I'M the one who gets to laugh at the end! Me! Dorothy! MEEEEEE! I AM NOT GONNA BE TRICKED BY A COUPLE OF DO-GOODER CHUMPS!
~ Dorothy

Dorothy is an antagonist from Dragalia Lost. She is an ex-assassin from Alex’s past and the main antagonist of the character story for Alex’s Gala form.


While she seems to be sweet and charming, this is all an act as she is a devious sociopath who does not take kindly to accepting blame for her actions.


Dorothy has pink eyes and ankle-length pink hair tied into pigtails by spiked hair bands. She wears a light-colored dress and wields a flail that resembles a bear. There are also flowers on her dress and in her hair.


She considered Alex most beautiful when the latter slit throats and did not take kindly to Alex leaving assassin work and plotted to manipulate her into killing Elisanne out of jealousy and re-awaken the “beast” she believed Alex to be.

While Alex gave up assassination in favor of protecting Elisanne and company, Dorothy developed a preference to have agents carry out her dirty work.

After it turns out Elisanne is alive, she suffers a defeat from both her and Alex, causing her to lash out after their speech about friendship. She gets away vowing to return.



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