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Dorothy Duncan is a minor antagonist from Gotham. She appears in the episode Rogues' Gallery when Jim Gordon was reassigned to a security guard at Arkham Asylum. Leslie "Lee" Thompkins and Nurse Dorothy appear to be his only two allies.

She is portrayed by Allyce Beasley.

Role in Gotham

Nurse Dorothy first appears overseeing the asylum's play, which results in a fight between the cast/inmates, which Jim breaks up. Dorothy says that the genre may have been too much for them to handle, and that in the future they will stick to comedies.

Later, Jim finds a patient in a vegetated state with two marks on the sides of his head. Lee suggests that they were caused by someone incorrectly using the electroshock therapy machine on them. Dorothy and Gordon interrogate the guards, as someone would have needed the keys to do this.

And learn that a guard named Steven Wenger lost his keys during the fight at the play. So, Jim and Dorothy question the patients, including Aaron Danzig, a man who killed his family with an axe, and has no concept of lying, as well as Jack Gruber, a man who murdered and raped several people.

An inmate named Royston is kidnapped and subjected to electroshock therapy as well. Because of the second attack, Gordon calls the GCPD and the asylum director, Gerry Lang is taken into custody, as he has the knowledge to perform electroshock therapy, and he attempted to cover up the incidents.

Meanwhile, Gordon suspects that the person assaulting the patients could be stationed in the basement, and asks Dorothy to escort him there. At the same time, Lang defends his staff members during the interrogation with Bullock, and says that they have all been working with him for the last five years... except for one: Nurse Dorothy Duncan. After doing a search on her, Bullock learns that she was actually a patient at the asylum, because when she was sixteen, she killed five people with poisoned candy for "homework." At the same time, Dr. Thompkins has a rendezvous with Gordon and Dorothy. Dorothy attempts to push Lee down the steps and flees, but Gordon saves her from falling.

Dorothy then causes a massive security breach by freeing all of the inmates. Gordon learns that Duncan was living in the asylum basement after it had closed down, and created fake ID to work there when it reopened. During the jailbreak, Dorothy is ultimately trampled to death before Gordon can successfully quell the riot. During the autopsy of her body, it is revealed that Dorothy was also subjected to electroshock therapy, and that the true culprit was Gruber, who has escaped from Arkham.


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