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Was Dorothy's trip to Oz more than just a dream?
~ The narrator about Dorothy Gale

Dorothy Gale is the main antagonist of the Creepypasta retelling of The Wizard Of Oz story. While the canon version of Dorothy is a good-natured person, this retelling represents her as a dangerous psychotic.


In this retelling, the story is the same as the original, until after Miss Gulch takes away Toto. Dorothy runs away from her house and meets Professor Marvel who tells her to get home before the storm.

However, Dorothy is still caught up in the storm. Her daily stresses and her loss for Toto triggers a psychotic episode during which she stabs a woman whom she believes to be The Wicked Witch Of The East and buries her underneath her house. She begins to hallucinate about The Munchkins and Glinda The Good Witch Of The North, who thank her for "accidentally" killing “The Wicked Witch Of The East" by "dropping a house on her". Her episode continues as she talks to inanimate objects, such as a scarecrow and a tin man, who she believes are responding to her. She also attempts to have conversations with a lion. She goes to Miss Gulch's house and burglarizes it under the instructions of a vision of “Oz The Great And Powerful”. When Miss Gulch flees outside to get away from the psychotic blood-soaked girl, Dorothy murders her by causing a telephone pole to fall on her. However, she dreams this to be “accidentally” throwing water on her as she hallucinates her to be The Wicked Witch Of The West.

She gets Toto from inside Miss Gulch's house and returns home, getting into bed. She wakes up the next morning and believes the whole thing to have been a "realistic dream" and is comforted by her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.


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