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This is family business. You're not part of any family.
~ Dorothy to Jessica.

Dorothy Walker is a supporting antagonist in the Netflix series Marvel's Jessica Jones, being a minor antagonist in Season 1, and a supporting antagonist in both Seasons 2 and 3. She is a talent agent who is known as the abusive mother of Trish Walker and adoptive mother of Jessica Jones.

She was portrayed by Rebecca De Mornay, who also portrayed Peyton Flanders in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle and Mother in Mother's Day.


Dorothy started off as a homeless woman until her daughter Trish's natural talent made her family much more wealthy. However, the wealth grew into Dorothy's head, causing her to be very weary and critical thinking of Trish, often abusing and harassing her for not being good enough. After the death of Jessica's family in a car crash, Dororthy decided to adopt Jessica, but only in order to be viewed better in the public eye rather than of any concern for her.

Jessica is aware of the abuse Dorothy is inflicting on Trish due to their constant arguments and tries to ignore it which only gives her severe anger issues. This later revealed Jessica's powers as she accidentally broke a sink in the bathroom and lifted it over her head before Trish stormed in after one of her mother's episodes bewildered at the sight. Jessica strikes a deal with Trish that she wouldn't tell the public about her abuse if Trish didn't tell Dorothy about her powers to which Trish agrees.

When Jessica finally sees the abuse inflicted on Trish for herself, a disgusted Jessica demands that Dorothy leave Trish alone, but Dorothy then cruelly mocks Jessica for having no family before forcing Trich to vomit in the toilet. Unfortunately, this provoked an angry Jessica to throw Dorothy out from the bathroom, much to the latter's horror and Trish's admiration. After the two girls came of age, they split off from Dorothy and hadn't spoke to her for years before Trish's reunion with her.

Trish struck a deal with her mother after these many years in order to get onto a film set of a director she once worked with in the hopes to blackmail him for an investigation. Upon hearing about this, Jessica immediately confronted Dorothy demanding that she tell her where Trish was. Although being stubborn at first, Dorothy finally wind up telling Jessica before provoking her about Jessica's revived mother Alisa, much to the latter's disgust.


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Dorothy Walker
Dorothy Walker


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Dorothy Walker
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