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No, don't do that, lover. I like your red hair... just the way it is!
~ Dorsa revealing her true form to Archie

Dorsa Finn is the main antagonist of the episode "Green-Eyed Monster" of the TV series Archie's Weird Mysteries. She is a green-eyed local sea monster that shape-shifts and has a lust for red-hair men.


Early Life

Nothing was truly known about Dorsa's past except that she dislikes when she's alone (meaning that she presumably once had a boyfriend that was presumably a sea-monster like her), which caused her to date local red-heads that can stay with her.

Green-Eyed Monster

Dorsa Finn first appears when (a fisherman is on his boat, who was minding his own business) pulls up the net to see how many fish caught a green monster. when checking on what hair the fisherman, apparently, however, she doesn't like any men that are blondes causing her to throw him into the sea and destroys his boat as it sinks. Dorsa later appears where she is watching Archie & Jughead walking at the cove, while they left, Dorsa devises a plan to get Archie for herself as her date by changing her appearance and using drinking a special potion to turn into a human. At Riverdale High School, she (as a human) was introduced by Mr. Weatherbee to Archie, Betty & Veronica as the new student. quickly grows acquainted with Archie. She even compliments him with his red hair.  Betty & Veronica started teaming up by locking Dorsa in a janitor's closet, only for Dorsa to break out of the closet. Betty & Veronica then tried to dump a large pie made just for Dorsa. But Dorsa however quickly evades the pie, causing Archie to get mad at them. Betty & Veronica then go on doing an investigation on Dorsa Finn. 

The girls made one attempt to get Archie to believe them, to exposing Dorsa's true self by dumping water on her. The water partially reveals her real self as her fin grows back. But Dorsa rubs the water off and her arm is restored before Archie could see it. 

Later at the party, Dorsa demands Archie that she & he should go for a swim out in the cove at the sea. Archie eventually gives in and they go out into the water. When Archie was about to pull his hair out, Dorsa reveals her true nature to Archie and the rest of the teens including his classmates by Changing back to her normal-monster self as she kidnaps Archie while scaring away the party-goers, including his classmates, and friends in the process.

When She & Archie arrive back to her cave, she explains why she kidnaps Archie and reveals to him about why she loves for red-headed dudes and, hates living alone. So, she finds one red-head man to stay with her as her husband. But they die off after several years with her and making Archie number six. She chains Archie to make sure he never escapes. However, Betty & Veronica arrive to save him. They start by flashing a flashlight on her but that didn't work too well. Then Betty unsheathes a spray that can be filled with liquified oil. Betty sprays the stuff on Dorsa and dives into the water to wash it off. Archie has congratulated them and, thanks to the girls for rescuing him. According to Archie's Weird Mysteries Column, it reveals that Veronica hired a crew to seal up the caves & holes so that Dorsa would never come back.


  • According to the pictures on her wall, she has kidnapped five already.
  • Her name is based on the  pun named Dorsal Fin.
  • Although not confirmed, it is unknown why she dislikes men that are not red-head or orange.


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