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The Mavericks, Hunters and Repliforce... IDIOTS, all of them! They're making my job too easy!
~ Double reveals that he is in fact not a good guy before attacking.

Double is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Colonel) in Megaman X4. Although he was introduced as X's friend, he is helping Sigma as a spy. He is encountered in the first stage of the Final Weapon in the game as a boss. Double is not encountered on Zero's route, and lends his place to Iris in that case. The Double Cyclone deals critical damage to him. X gets no new weapons following his victory over Double due to the fight being a Fortress Boss.

Double is voiced by Jeremy Felton.



Double has two forms that he can shift between.

In his first form, Double slightly resembles an American football player. His pudgy appearance and bumbling façade give him an untimidating cover, but this is merely a cover for his actual agenda.

When he assumes his true form, Double grows to nearly double X's size. His appearance in this form is more threatening, and his eyes turn red and are given green outlines. The cutscenes depict him with red sclerae and normal pupils.


Double at first comes across as likeable and good-hearted, but he is really insane and demented. He also had a high charisma, duping his so-called ally Mega Man X into trusting him. He is also shown to be loyal to Sigma, as he had been willing to pose as a spy within the Maverick Hunters until his boss called upon him to attack.


Double was a spy who worked for Sigma. During the Repliforce Incident, Sigma sends him to spy on Captain Mega Man X's actions. Double disguises himself as a chubby, clumsy worker robot, which easily grants him the trust of X and the other Maverick Hunters. Double then works as X's navigator, always reporting to Sigma on X's progress.

Once X departs for the Repliforce's Final Weapon, Sigma informs Double that his mission is over and to terminate the Hunters. So he destroys the Maverick Hunters who mocked him and goes after X to finish him by himself.

At the Final Weapon, he faces X and challenges him, revealing his true agenda. X was confused by his so-called "friend's" betrayal, but he fights and defeats Double, who mocks X for being so naïve to trust him. Double then succumbs to his wounds, his body exploding shortly afterwards, leaving nothing behind as X continues his mission.

Battle Patterns

Double is unique in that he has a counterattack when hit with his weakness, the Double Cyclone. This comes in the form of drones that pop out of his wounds and attack, making the battle harder, although X can destroy them with any of his weapons. X can also avoid crowding the stage if he moderates his use of the Double Cyclone. Double's moveset consists of the following moves:

  • Double can jump to his arena's ceiling and slash down at X, then towards a wall. This is his most frequent attack and is telegraphed by him saying, "Devil slash!"
  • Double can throw spinning energy discs towards X. Upon losing half his stamina, Double can throw two at a time.
  • Upon losing half his health, Double can throw two crescent projectiles from his abdomen. One goes high and the other goes low.

In Other Media

Double makes a cameo appearance fighting against Guile from the Street Fighter universe in Archie Mega Man Issue 51. Double was one of numerous Mavericks duplicated by Sigma-1 using the power of the Genesis Portals to form an army to battle Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man's team of allies. However, he and his fellow Mavericks were then attacked by the arriving Street Fighters, as Guile gives Double a taste of his Sonic Boom technique (Sonic not being particularly impressed by the ability's name) and finishes him with a Dragon Suplex.

Double also appeared in the Mega Man X4 Manga, with his role being largely the same. As Iris was not on the Final Weapon when she and Zero fought, X fights Double on the Final Weapon when he encounters him.


  • Double is the first boss to curse in the Mega Man X series, as his post-defeat line contains the word "Damn!". Earthrock Torirovich (aka Earthrock Trilobyte) from Mega Man X8 is the second.
  • Double is one of the few Chaotic Evil villains from the Mega Man series, another being the Ra Moon and another being his boss Sigma.
  • Double's sword-arm and evil grin upon showing his true nature make him similar to Shadow from Mega Man X: Command Mission, another double agent/traitor that served with both Mega Man X and Zero later on.
  • Double and Iris have their own battle themes in Mega Man X4, though while Iris uses a sad song for her battle, Double uses a frantic song that could fit in line with his deranged personality.
  • Double has a short cameo appearance in the opening scene of Mega Man X5 as a flashback of sorts.
  • There is a translation error when Double reveals his true agenda. For some reason, he replaces "Maverick Hunters" with "Mavericks, Hunters".


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