Aww, man, don't the bad guys EVER win?
~ One of the brothers.

The Double Trouble are a duo of brothers who work under V.I.L.E. and its leader, Carmen Sandiego, appearing exclusively on the game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?.


The Double Trouble consists of a pair of identical twins wearing greaser-style clothing (complete with leather jackets, sunglasses and toupees), each having an opposite color scheme to the other. They are always seen acting in perfect synchronization, moving, running and sometimes even thinking at the same speed and manner, to the point where it gets impossible to determine which one is speaking when Carmen calls them. Both of them speak in sly, smooth voices.


There is little to no difference between the twins aside of their color scheme and voice pitch, and their personalities are also pretty much the same. Both of them walk and act as one single entity, but despite that they still talk one at a time when addressed by Carmen (but they still laugh at the same time and pace). Double Trouble is just as evil as the rest of the V.I.L.E. gang, seeing pleasure and thrill in stealing items to fulfill their own goals, and are capable of stealing impossible items for the smallest possible reasons (they managed to steal the entire island of Cuba using nothing but a submarine, simply to make beach parties). Their crimes are usually involved in party schemes.


  • The twins' reversed color patterns may be a nod to the Yin and Yang, two opposite forces which are also the same as each other, acting in perfect harmony.
  • Double Trouble's smooth way of speaking might be a reference to actor Jack Nicholson.
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