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"The name's Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome!"
~ Doug Dimmadome

Doug Dimmadome is a supporting character in The Fairly Odd Parents franchise.

He is the major business owner in Dimmsdale and the father of Dale Dimmadome. He is sometimes featured as a villain, for example, in the episode "Moooving Day," where he tried to control the citizens of Dimmsdale with tainted milk. However, he is not always villainous. The "on and off" status of his character is referenced in the episode "Channel Chasers," where he argued with himself about Timmy Turner.

He is voiced by Jim Ward.


Dimmadome always wears a white Texas businessman garb with a ten gallon hat, which size varies between episodes from just a hat to extremely tall. He also wears black boots.

Powers and Abilities[]

He does not possess notable abilities, aside from the fact that he is extremely rich, is immortal, and owns various businesses.


Doug Dimmadome first appears towards the end of the episode "Nectar of the Odds", being kinder than the rest of his appearances, thanking Timmy for finding his long-lost son, Dale, and offers him, Chester, and AJ a chance to see the famous "Crash Nebula: On Ice" show by selling lemonade. His next appearance was in "Odd Odd West," where he threatened to bulldoze the rundown town of Dimmsdale Flats and build a mall in its place. Mr. Turner is devastated by this, until the experience of being jailed and mauled by coyotes reminded him how much his time there sucked and ended up willingly selling the town to Doug for 8 bucks. In "Engine Blocked" he attempts to buy a dangerous car from Vicky called the Striker Z for an upcoming auto show, but she already sold it to the Turners, and it ends up falling into a junkyard after arriving at his cliff side estate.

In "Odd Ball," he's the owner of the Dimmsdale Ballhogs, threatening to sell the team to the Alaskan league unless they can improve their teamwork and playing skills, which they do, thanks to Timmy's influence, leaving Doug clueless on what to do with boxes of a food item called Blubber Nuggets.

In "Odd Jobs" and "Emotion Commotion!", he serves a minor role as an announcer for both Mr. Turner's short-lived wrestling carrier and Timmy's motorcycle stunt, both of which take place at the Dimmadome.

His next major role was in "Moooving Day", where he hypnotizes the citizens of Dimmsdale with genetically modified milk so they'd be part of his "planned communities" plot, only for Timmy to undo all his work by tossing a bottle of Mega Fizzy Juice into the milk, and having its magical properties flood Dimmadome Acres, turning it back into a field, and freeing everyone from the milk's brainwashing effects.

In "Chicken Poofs" he opens up a chicken restaurant, only for a flock of chicken hawks to steal his initial batch, and he attempts to fry all the citizens that have turned into chickens before Timmy wishes things back to normal and tells him to use eggs instead.



  • His line is notable for being an internet phenomenon and [ dubstep remixes..
  • Doug Dimmadome's appearance is based on that of Harland David Sanders, better known as Colonel Sanders of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurant chain. Sanders wore a white suit with a black tie to reflect his status as a Kentucky colonel in the 1950s, which became synonymous with his public persona as the owner of KFC. Doug's outfit is almost identical to Sanders', with the addition of a western-style hat, a large gold belt buckle, and black cowboy boots.
    • In the episode Chicken Poofs, Doug attempts to open a fried chicken restaurant, further referencing his resemblance to Colonel Sanders.
  • Sometimes Doug's hat resembles a cross between a western and a bowler hat, but at other times, it is so high that the audience can't see the top.


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