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Doug LeSham

I did like her you know, even if I didn't actually love her. Hey, what's love anyway?
~ Doug LeSham's last lines.

Doug LeSham is the main antagonist of the Hey Arnold! episode "Olga Gets Engaged".


Doug LeShamis Olga's fiancé in the episode, but Big Bob and Miriam do not approve. When Helga tries to help Olga run away to elope with him, she notices Doug getting along with her parents. Helga is amused by the idea of Olga marrying a con man and a liar, because that would mean that Olga would fall from grace with their parents. However, she has a change of heart from Arnold and attempts to stop it. On the day of Olga's wedding, Helga catches Doug talking to another woman on the phone and knows that he is not faithful. Helga confronts Doug and begins intervening on Olga's behalf. Doug scoffs at Helga, saying that even if she told everyone, he'd just deny it. He adds that Helga is jealous because Olga is prettier, successful, and popular, and "whatever Olga wants, Olga gets". After they'd marry, he'd get "a cushy ride on the Pataki beeper train". When Helga threatens to press the redial button to spill the beans of his marriage to Linda (Doug's girlfriend), Doug panics and Helga tells him to leave basically saying that she'll tie up the loose ends. Upon hearing that, Doug breaks off the engagement and leaves, but not before admitting that he may have liked Olga but he didn't really "love" her.