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Doug Neidermeyer is the central antagonist of National Lampoon's Animal House.

He was portrayed by Mark Metcalf who also portrayed Aguilla Beckersted in One Crazy Summer and Colonel Neidermeyer in The Stupids.


He is a member of Omega House and an ROTC leader, and regularly bullies and verbally abuses his cadets, especially Kent "Flounder" Dorfman. Flounder's Delta brothers Bluto and D-Day convince him to shoot Neidermeyer's horse as revenge, but despite the gun being loaded with blanks, the horse dies anyway of a heart attack. Throughout the movie, Neidermeyer conspires with Omega president Greg Marmalard and Dean Vernon Wormer to kick the Deltas out of Faber College. In a kangaroo court, they succeed in revoking the Deltas' charter, and Wormer later expels them all due to their low midterm grades.

In revenge, the Deltas crash the homecoming parade. In the ensuing chaos, Neidermeyer tries to shoot Flounder, but is taken out of commission by a stray parade float. In the "Where Are They Now", it is revealed that he was mutinied upon and killed in Vietnam by his own troops, ending his sadistic ways once and for all.


  • He is the first villain Mark Metcalf plays with the surname Neidermeyer, being the second Colonel Neidermeyer (from The Stupids).
    • Coincidental or not, both characters are military and both are the antagonists of their respective films ( Doug Neidermeyer for National Lampoon's Animal House and Colonel Neidermeyer for The Stupids).
      • It is unknown whether Doug Neidermeyer and Colonel Neidermeyer have any connection between them. However, as both films were directed by John Landis, such a link is possible and very likely.

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