Fired? You can't fire me. This is the best job I've ever had. I'm finally becoming somebody! Besides... (changes to Rigby's voice) ...I'm more Rigby than you ever were, or WILL be!
~ Doug after showing his true colors.

Doug "The Doppleganger" Shlibowski is a minor antagonist from Regular Show. He is an anthropomorphic otter with strange shapeshifting abilities and appears only in the episode "Temp Check".

He was voiced by Roger Craig Smith, who also voiced Ripslinger, and currently Sonic the Hedgehog.


In "Temp Check", Rigby hires Doug as a temp to do his work for him. Throughout the episode, Doug starts to look more like Rigby and even steals his friends and nearly his life from him. Later, the gang tries to tell the real Rigby from the impostor. After several tests, Mordecai points out the real Rigby when Rigby complains, and also by saying that the real Rigby would never hug him, cue the disguised Doug hugging Mordecai. He was arrested at the end of the episode, though he tells Rigby that unlike him, Rigby has good friends and a lot to be thankful for.

He appears again in "Rigby's Graduation Day Special" in a non-speaking role, where he is in a same prison cell with Mr. Ross.


  • Doug is voiced by Roger Craig Smith, who plays several other characters in Regular Show, most notably Thomas/Nikolai.
  • The name Doug is an anglicized form of the Scots-Irish word dubh, which means dark.
  • The surname Shablowski is an anglicized spelling of the Polish surname Szabłowski. It derives from the word szabla, meaning sabre.


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