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Dougie Briggs is a fictional character and major antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. He appeared as a supporting antagonist in 1994.

The character was portrayed by Max Gold.


Dougie Briggs first came to Albert Square at Walford, a fictional borough in East London, in March 1994. It thereupon transpired that he was old friends with local hardman Grant Mitchell when they used to serve in the Falklands War together as paratroopers for the army.

As the pair catch up on their past, however, Grant soon learns what happened to Dougie ever since they parted ways. Dougie became insane after failing to join the SAS, up to the point where he killed his medical officer in a fit of rage before going on to rape his wife; consequently Dougie was most likely condemned to being dishonorably discharged from the army. Since then Dougie has resorted to partaking in criminal activities such as armed robbery to satisfy his future. Dougie soon invites Grant to do a criminal job with him, but Grant turns him down and cuts all ties with Dougie after seeing how psycotic he has become.

Later on, Dougie breaks into Grant's home at The Queen Victoria public house where his wife Sharon Watts and her best friend Michelle Fowler are spending time together. He brandishes a swan-off shotgun and holds the pair along with Grant hostage. The siege ends when he shoots Michelle during a struggle with Grant over the gun, but Grant ulimtately overpowered Dougie and brutally knocked him unconcious before rushing Michelle to hospital with Sharon. At the hospital, Grant summons his brother Phil with the request of removing Dougie's body from The Vic. Phil reluctantly agrees, but when he arrives finds out that Dougie has gone.

Grant then feared that Dougie will return to cause trouble. This was set to be true until Dougie was arrested by the police for his crimes before that could happen; since then Dougie has been jailed and never been seen in the square again.


  • He made a total of 9 appearences during his time on the show.