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Douglas Bullet is the main antagonist of the One Piece film One Piece Stampede. One of the most powerful pirates in the world, Bullet is a former member of the legendary Roger Pirates, the only crew in the world to successfully conquer the Grand Line. After going on a one man crusade to show the world his power, Bullet was defeated and arrested by the Marines. Not even imprisonment in the worst floor of the notorious Impel Down could impede him, and he spent the next twenty years training, his already superhuman power reaching new extremes.

He was voiced by Tsutomu Isobe in Japanese and Daman Mills in English.


Douglas thinks that getting attached to his crew members is a sign of weakness and that they'll get in the way. He maintains that you have to build yourself to be able to become the strongest in the world. He thinks he is the strongest in the world and even encouraged the Navy to issue a Buster Call against him, which proves that he is sure of his strength and has a big ego.


Bullet was born on an island in the Grand Line that was locked in an endless war. His parents abandoned him as a newborn, and he would go on to become a child soldier for the Galzforce, the military of the state of Galzburg. All soldiers of the Galzforce were given the name Douglas, with him also getting the name of Bullet. Treated as cannon fodder and an expendable life, Bullet was sent on suicide missions with his superiors having no expectations for him to live. Not only did Bullet survive, he quickly proved himself to be one of the greatest soldiers the military ever knew. Bullet strove to win the Medal, the reward given to the soldier with the most feats in battle. He nearly won it, but his own team held him back out of jealousy and resentment. After dealing with him, Bullet would win the Medal, and would go on to win it for several consecutive years. By the time he was nine years old, bullet was already one of the most powerful soldiers the Galzforce had ever seen, and at age thirteen, he found and ate the Gasha Gasha no Mi (Clank Clank Fruit), setting the limits of his power to even higher extremes.

Over a year later, Bullet almost brought the endless conflict to an end, with his superior promising him top honors as well as his freedom. However, after the enemy surrendered, the Galzforce betrayed him, fearing his power. Outraged by yet another betrayal of his allies, Bullet wiped them all out, destroying Galzburg in the process. The wake of this ruination was so great that it gained Bullet the attention of the World Government, and he left his home to become a Pirate.

When he was fifteen, Bullet met and challenged the future King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger, and for the first time in his life, was defeated. He would go on to challenge Roger countless more times, but the outcome was always the same. Growing a deep respect and admiration for the man, he joined his crew the Roger Pirates. When Bullet was seventeen, he learned of his Captain's illness, beginning to doubt his odds of beating him, while also feeling like he was being held back by his crew. At the age of eighteen, he challenged Roger one last time and was once again defeated, after which Bullet left the crew.

After the death of Roger, Bullet was lost without a goal, and went on a nigh mindless rampage throughout the world, leaving only mass destruction in his wake.

Escaped From Impel Down

During Marshall D. Teach’s ambush into Impel Down, Bullet was seen when Jesus Burgess was trying to approach him in an attempt to get him out but was stopped by Blackbeard and then left Bullet behind. However, Bullet still managed to escape Impel Down.

Create an alliance with Bueno Festa

At an unknown time, he met Bueno Festa, a pirate also lived in Gol D. Roger’s era. They both agreed to create an alliance in order to vanish The New Pirates Era that Roger created.

One Piece: Stampede

During the big battle of pirates in order to get Gol D. Roger’s treasure, Bullet destroyed the floating island and took the treasure from Usopp. Bullet tried to kill Usopp but was stopped by Luffy. After let Usopp go, Bullet unleashed his Conqueror’s Haki, leaving most of the pirates in the islands unconscious, except The Worst Generation. During the fight, he easily defeated all pirates of the Worst Generation. After that, he summoned a big submarine and transformed it into a giant robot, defeated most of the Worst Generation except Luffy and Law, this made them have to escape from the island after badly injured.

Bullet later defeated Luffy with his giant robot. However, Bullet even mixed it with many metals on the island, became a massive monster. When Buster Call was ordered, it wasn’t enough for Bullet, as he can easily defeated all Vice Admirals in one skill.

After a while, Bullet has to face with an alliance of Marines, Pirates, Revolutionary Army and Shichibukai. They used all of their powers in an attempt to give Luffy more time successfully to destroy half of the robot’s body and an arm. As he finally defeats Bullet by pushing him into ground using “Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gatling” knocking him unconscious.

It is completely unknown what happened to Bullet after that, but it’s possible that he got brought back to Impel Down for her crimes.


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