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Satan, come to us, we are ready.
~ The Doyle Sisters.

The Doyle Sisters are a trio of modern-day witches who worshipped the Devil and served the designs of the Lords of Salem, and they are villainesses in the 2012 American independent horror film Lords of Salem, written, produced and directed by heavy metal musician Rob Zombie.

They were all respectively portrayed by Judy Geeson, Dee Wallace and Patricia Quinn best known for her role as Magenta in the 1975 film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


  • Lacy Doyle - the eldest of the Doyle Sisters. She is a blonde woman who is the landlady of the same apartment building that Heidi Hawthorne lived in and she enjoys tea.
  • Sonny Doyle - the second sibling of her sisters. She is a self-help guru who helped people who are lost find themselves again.
  • Megan Doyle - the youngest of her sisters. She is a proficient palm reader who despises gypsies with their crystal balls and neon signs which she believes, destroys the value of her gift.


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