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2-BO. Because of you, I've become an outcast. And because of you, I will rise again!
~ Dr. Akita to B.O.Y.D.

Dr. Akita is an antagonist in the 2017 DuckTales reboot. He is the former mentor of Gyro Gearloose who helped him 2-BO/B.O.Y.D and secretly turned him into a weapon of mass destruction, forcing both of them to go into hiding for twenty years.

He was voiced by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.


Twenty years ago, Dr. Akita helped create B.O.Y.D as a defense weapon. However, Gyro started seeing him as a real person, causing to overwrite B.O.Y.D's "real boy" programming and activate "protocol World Breaker." This resulted in B.O.Y.D attacking Tokyolk and Akita going into hiding.

Years later, he observed from his hideout that Gyro had returned to Tokyolk with a malfunctioning B.O.Y.D, and tracked him until he was within his range. He emerged from his base and took advantage of B.O.Y.D's malfunctions, forcing him to return to the doctor. Taking control of him again, Akita had B.O.Y.D continue his rampage and attack Gizmoduck and Inspector Tezuka. After learning that Akita corrupted programming, Gyro confronted him and the two of them begin to fight before Lil' Bulb manages to knock him out. Akita was then arrested by Tezuka, and his programming was overwritten by Gyro finally seeing him as a real boy again, erasing Akita's corruption forever.


Dr. Akita has the appearance of an Akita dog with brown and white fur and gray hair. He wears a white lab coat with black gloves, and has slightly bronze-tinted glasses.


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