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2-BO. Because of you, I've become an outcast. And because of you, I will rise again! Activate Revenge Protocol: Omega!
~ Dr. Akita to B.O.Y.D.
Face it, intern. You'll never invent anything worthwhile.
~ Dr. Akita to Gyro.

Dr. Akita is an antagonist in the 2017 DuckTales reboot. He is the former mentor of Gyro Gearloose who helped him create 2-BO/B.O.Y.D. and secretly turned him into a weapon of mass destruction, forcing both of them to go into hiding for twenty years. He was also responsible for shaping Gyro into what he could become.

He was voiced by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.



Long ago, Dr. Akita was the most renowned scientist in Tokyolk (based on real-life Tokyo) and the mentor of the young and optimistic Gyro Gearloose. Together, they designed 2-BO, a highly advanced defense drone made in the image of a young boy. During which, Gyro installed programming into 2-BO to make him think and feel as a real boy would, though this clashed with Akita's opinion that 2-BO is a machine and nothing more.

Before 2-BO's first field test, Dr. Akita voiced his belief that 2-BO was the "ultimate weapon". Not wanting his potential to be hindered by emotions, Akita disabled Gyro's programming and initiated Protocol: World Breaker. This caused 2-BO to lose control and go on a rampage, destroying the city in the process until Inspector Tezuka was able to defeat him. During the rampage, Dr. Akita disappeared into a hidden bunker laboratory while leaving Gyro to take responsibility for 2-BO's actions, causing him to become the embittered genius he is today.

For the next twenty years, Dr. Akita remained in hiding from the authorities while plotting his revenge against the city.

Astro B.O.Y.D.

Twenty years later, 2-BO, now renamed B.O.Y.D. by Mark Beaks when he somehow found him in a garbage dump, became a friend of Huey Duck's as they were fellow junior woodchucks. However, Huey's words trigger B.O.Y.D.'s memories of Akita messing with his programming, causing him to glitch. They then try to get assistance from Gyro, who is shocked to see 2-BO again and insists that 2-BO isn't anything-else but a dangerous weapon like Akita said. Seeing his hard drive to be a mess, he reluctantly takes 2-BO, Huey and his own intern, Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera a.k.a. Gizmoduck back to Tokyolk under the pretense of wanting to "fix" him (in reality, he wants to shut him down for good).

When they arrived, Dr. Akita saw through his monitors that his former intern had returned to Tokyolk alongside the android and became quite elated by this. When B.O.Y.D. came into range of his position, Akita finally emerged from his base after two decades and initiated a recall order to bring B.O.Y.D. to him. He then initiated a protocol that ordered 2-BO to once again wreak havoc on the city. While Gizmoduck did his best to fight off 2-BO, Dr. Akita mocked his former intern and sarcastically thanked him for bringing the android back to him. Tezuka ordered Akita to surrender, but Akita responded by having 2-BO to attack her, but was intercepted by Gizmoduck. As Gyro steeled himself to destroy 2-BO for good, Huey discovered what truly happened twenty years ago. Akita proclaims that 2-BO is and always will be a weapon to serve evil, making Gyro so mad that he personally attacked Akita himself. When Akita gained the upper-hand, Lil' Bulb appeared and punched him, knocking him into a recycle bin, allowing Tezuka to arrest him. Gyro then called out to 2-BO that he indeed a real boy, allowing him to regain his senses and erase Akita's corruption forever. Tezuka then orders 2-B0, Huey, Gizmoduck and Gyro to leave Tokyolk while she takes Akita into custody for his crimes.

With Akita finally arrested, Gyro (having a change of heart) adopts 2-BO as his own son and promotes Fenton to a full-time employee. It can be implied that Akita himself will be sentenced to prison as punishment for his crimes.


Dr. Akita was shown to be a cruel, manipulative scientist who seemed to only want to spread chaos and destruction across the world. He knew that his actions were evil, and still took joy in turning B.O.Y.D into a destructive weapon and using him to destroy anyone and anything in his path. He also appeared to be quite patient, as he waited for 20 years for B.O.Y.D's return and his chance to have his revenge.


Dr. Akita has the appearance of an Akita dog with brown and white fur and gray hair. He wears a white lab coat with black gloves, and has slightly bronze-tinted glasses.


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