Will you commit to this program?
~ Dr. Hirsch to Jason Bourne during their first meeting.

Dr. Albert Hirsch is a pivotal character in the Jason Bourne cinematographic franchise, being the overarching antagonist in the 2007 film The Bourne Ultimatum and a minor character in the 2012 spinoff film The Bourne Legacy.

He was portrayed by the late Albert Finney.


Hirsch essentially designed and implemented the training program that was utilized by the CIA for both Operation Treadstone and Operation Blackbriar. His program included what Nicky Parsons claimed was experimental training called "behavior modification". His voice is heard throughout Ultimatum as Jason Bourne flashbacks to instances when he was in the training program.

At the end of the film, Noah Vosen contacts Hirsch to warn him that Bourne's on his way and that he should leave the facility. Hirsch instead volunteers to stay and keep Bourne in play long enough for Vosen and his team to arrive. Hirsch takes Bourne to the room where he was continually subjected to the "water treatment" and where he subsequently murdered the real Jason Bourne and assumed his identity. After Bourne's escape and Pamela Landy faxed the key pages of Vosens documents to an affiliate in Washington D.C., Hirsch and Vosen are arrested. Hirsch is brough before a Congressional Hearing regarding his involvement with Treadstone and Blackbriar along with Noah Vosen and CIA Director Ezra Kramer.

In The Bourne Legacy, Hirsch is murdered by the National Research Assay Group to prevent him from disclosing any information about the Program. The official explanation given for his death is that of a heart attack.


  • His first name "Albert" is a possible reference to his actor.


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