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I get it - you don't like me because maybe I'm a little bit competitive.
~ Amber's most famous quote.
This isn't just about sex. You like her personality. You like that she's conniving. You like that she has no regard for consequences. You like that she can humiliate someone if it serves... Oh my God, you're sleeping with me.
~ Dr. Gregory House noting the similarities between himself and Amber.
Solved another case. Busted Wilson... Looks like you're not losing it after all...
~ Amber returning as a hallucination, haunting House.

Dr. Amber Volakis better known as Cutthroat Bitch is the secondary antagonist of the Universal/FOX medical drama House MD.

She appears as the main antagonist in season 4, the posthumous main antagonist of season 5, and a guest character in the finale (both in the form of hallucination only).

She was a potential candidate for Dr. Gregory House's new diagnostic team, well known for her manipulative, crafty and self serving attitude hence her nickname. After being fired however she got close to Dr. James Wilson and fell in love with him, overtime redeeming herself in the process, after a bus accident however she eventually died of kidney failure and came back as a hallucination to haunt House.

She was portrayed by Anne Dudek.


Early Life

Much of Amber's early life is a mystery, however it's known that she was always competitive and manipulative, always striving for victory against everyone around her; including her classmates, co-workers, peers etc. Her childhood was seemingly quite happy though, especially considering how when asked why she was so competitive by House, she simply listed off a bunch of overused clichés as explanation.

Eventually she ended up becoming a doctor and although already working in a steady job took up the opportunity to become part of House's audition process for his new diagnostic team.

Season 4

Amber was employed as one of forty applicants for the position of three employees on Dr. Gregory House's new diagnostic team following the firing of Dr. Robert Chase and resining of Dr. Eric Foreman and Dr. Allison Cameron. Amber quickly used her manipulative, charismatic and people pleasing persona to weed away much of the competition, starting when House ordered her and several other applicants to wash his car, she stormed off angry giving out a triumphant speech halfway through however with the entire group all following her bar Dr. Jeffery Cole.

Surprisingly enough she returned to Cole with House's car keys in hand and told him to get in the car, explaining how she weeded out some of the weaker competition before taking House's car to a jet wash and finishing their assignment.

She later approached House to tell him they completed their task, while the latter congratulated her before asking for his car keys back without missing a beat, completely stunning her, she complied however and was told to take Cole and accompany Dr. Lawrence Kutner with Greta Cooper, the patient in a Hyperbaric Chamber, when the patient went into cardiac arrest however Kutner prepared to use a defibrillator on her much to the protest of Cole, while Amber too protested she allowed him to go through with it anyway.

While trying to figure out the cause of the attack, Amber tried to pressure House into firing Kutner however, House unphased told her that she she had every opportunity to stop him, but either thought he would succeed making her a hypocrite, or that he'd fail making her a cutthroat pixie, hence birthing her permanent title "Cutthroat Bitch".

House later fired Kutner for himself tattling on Amber much to her satisfaction, however rehired him again when he returned disguising his identity, something House admired for its shamelessness but still didn't rehire him until he suggested using the patient's alcohol tolerance, impressing House enough to rehire him, much to Amber's dismay.

After Cooper was discharged House announced who was continuing on to be a potential applicant, with Amber being included in that group.

The following patient was a man with muscular dystrophy, and in order to weed out more competition House elected to split the remaining candidates by gender, Amber however requested to go onto the men's team, which House was somewhat indifferent to although realised why she asked this. Amber figuring all of the male applicants were incompetent decided that she would go on their side, solve the case and therefore eliminate all of the women (AKA the genuine competition in her mind). This plan somewhat backfired however when the women began succeeding more and more in the case while all of the men and Amber were nearly fired due to all of them simply running tests in the lab and never bothering to actually see the patient. Amber saved herself and consequently her allies however by coming back to House with a CT scan and the diagnoses of scleraderma, he disagrees however although holds off on firing her, instead telling the women to treat the patient for strongyloides.

Desperate Amber turns to Dr. Robert Chase for help, asking him to perform the blood test needed to confirm her diagnosis, although knowing he was being duped he complied, looking for an excuse to annoy House, however the results indicated that both she and House were wrong about the diagnosis, as the patient's blood had turned green. Looking for a new diagnosis the team eventually come to the idea of kidney failure.

Soon after the patient developed pneumonia, leading to Foreman indicating cancer as the most likely culprit. However Amber challenges him on this, suggesting infection as an alternative solution, Foreman disagrees however and declares they need to act fast to save the patient, and radiation therapy was the safest option.


Season 5

Aren't you curious about why I'm here?
~ Amber talking to House as a hallucination.

Towards the end of this season Amber returns as a hallucination and acts as a personification of his subconscious mind, she tries to help him throughout his newest case, a 14 year old deaf boy who collapsed during a wrestling match and continuously shows up giving him hints and clues as to how to solve the case as well as just generally irritating and making conversation with him. Slowly she started influencing House more and more, starting by convincing him to hire a specific stripper for Dr. Chase's bachelor party named Karamel, then convincing him to have Dr. Chase put an implant into the deaf patient's brain which allowed him to hear again. This backfired however as Dr. Cuddy decided to Foreman in charge of the case as a consequence to this.

She continue to help House however both with the case and Chase's bachelor party, meanwhile House starts listening to her more, resulting in both good and bad results, such as them uncovering more and more about what's wrong with the patient but also ending up having him nearly burn down a corpse in the morgue by convincing him to practice cocktail mixing.

House actually enjoyed her company in this time up until she began growing more sinister, eventually culminating when House learns that by hiring Karamel she was actually trying to kill Chase, due to his strawberry allergy and Karamel's strawberry body butter.

House realises the danger of her and by extension his own subconscious by this point and in spite of her trying to convince him that she was of benefit to him, House tried to sleep to get rid of her, but she persevered and kept trying to tell him to return to the hospital. Eventually House managed to convince Cuddy to prescribe him with sleeping pills, confessing to her that he hadn't been able to sleep since Dr. Kutner killed himself. A good night's sleep still didn't remove Amber from House's field of vision however much to his dismay.

She continued to be by House's side from that moment on, growing frustrated with him for ignoring her presence all time, in spite of him rightfully not wanting anything to do with her for manipulating him into trying to kill Chase, she continues to try and justify herself over this, and continues acting as House's inner voice, trying to help him through another new case of a ballerina who collapsed on stage.

House confides into Wilson what's going on, but instead of telling him the truth he instead says that he's seeing Kutner. Although Wilson is concerned and continues telling House he needs to be admitted into the hospital, something Amber actually convinces him to try and agree to, but House ignores her, still fearing that she doesn't have his best interests at heart. The following day House begins getting desperate and writes Wilson a list of every possible condition he thinks he could potentially have, still seeing Amber in front of him constantly to the point of leaving him in a perpetual state of fear and distraction.

House talks to Wilson again, telling him what's wrong with his patient, then confessing he still thinks he's ill. House goes to his patient and apologises for making severe mistakes while treating her, all the while Amber is impressed with him. He didn't feel anything from the apology however, once again telling Wilson he feared he had Multiple Sclerosis.

Foreman deduces that House doesn't trust himself and that this was the reason for his constant consulting of Wilson, all the while Amber continues distracting and pulling House in different directions, leading to him once again going after Wilson to consult an idea, accidentally letting it slip that he was hallucinating a woman and not a man, proving that it wasn't Kutner. House finally admits to Wilson that it was Amber, although confused and somewhat bewildered, he still tries to help him, assuring him that his new idea was as safe as he could be, he proved that House didn't have MS. Wilson tries to get House to think rationally as he begins theorizing taking drastic measures, eventually coming to the idea of an insulin shock. Although Wilson doesn't agree with the idea, but House realises it's his best shot when he sees Amber's face getting more and more fearful. House tells Wilson he's putting himself into insulin shock and to be up to his office in two minutes.

Amber looks on completely terrified and tearful as House prepares to inject himself with the insulin, and quickly grows progressively weaker, falling to her knees and crying in her final moments, before slowly fading away, seemingly out of House's physical view forever.

Although he was successful, Wilson still berated House for his drastic actions, telling him he could have been killed, regardless though aside from a few slight neurological differences House was completely fine and Amber free.

While celebrating escaping from the hallucination however House realised he didn't actually succeed, seeing Amber once again at a restaurant singing to him and then once again in the car when Wilson came to pick him up. She continues tormenting him, only more sadistic this time, to the point of him finally having to cave into Wilson and agree to go into rehab, admitting it was his only reasonable chance to escape from Amber. Eventually he ended up going to Cuddy for help instead, looking at an alternative solution.

House had no choice but to detox from Vicodin, telling Cuddy everything, before allowing her to search for and get rid of all of his secret stashes, in spite of Amber's protests and strong disapproval. She continues taunting House while he's detoxing, pressuring him into taking one of the pills from another stash he saw, fortunately however Cuddy appeared to stop him before this could happen.

The detox genuinely seems to help House avoid seeing Amber, however not long after he's been completely clean, he realises the truth, that he did not actually detox nor did he have sex with Cuddy he sees her once again, although this time she's with Kutner as well and the two fallen doctors taunt him for his fantasy life before vanishing into thin air, prompting House to finally accept his mental health issues and go into rehab.

Season 8



Well you didn't stop him, means either you thought it was a chance worth taking, making you a hypocrite, or you thought he'd fail, making you a cut-throat little pixie.
~ House deducing Amber's sneaky personality.

Amber was a very sneaky, manipulative, sly and opportunistic woman who always looked out for herself above everyone else, and was wildly competitive in almost every field, most notably within House's initiation for deciding new members of his team. As a result she didn't take failure particularly well, getting incredibly upset after being dropped by House.

She did have some good qualities however, since she did value life and harboured a decent amount of care for her co-workers in spite of not considering any of them friends.

After being fired however she actually grew into a better person, partly thanks to the influence of Wilson, she also developed an odd friendship with House during this time, and by the time of her death had made amends with most of her ex-co workers. Even refusing to feel angry about dying, wanting the last thing she felt to be her love for Wilson.

As a hallucination she had mostly the same personality however was slightly more sinister and incredibly kooky and eccentric, but as with her living self she eventually grew much kinder and more sympathetic towards House.


Amber was a rather tall woman with collarbone length blonde hair which was usually clipped back at the front, although on some occasions it was tied back completely or flowing freely. She usually wore professional outfits, mostly consisting of long sleeved sweatshirts, skirts and occasionally tights. Her most prominent item of clothing was her white doctor's coat as worn by all of House's staff, which she wore for the majority of season four as well as all of her appearances as a hallucination. She also had a preference for trench coats casually.

As a hallucination she usually ditched wearing shoes.


  • Amber is the closest thing to a big bad in the House MD series, in spite of that she's not the main antagonist due to Dr. Lisa Cuddy having a far more prominent role.
  • Amber's death is often cited as the saddest in the whole series and one of the saddest deaths in western 21st century TV.
  • Amber is often dubbed as "the female House" by critics, fans and even House himself.
  • She is the foil to Detective Michael Tritter, her predecessor from season 3 who while still being a near equal with House shared his bad attitude and corruption as opposed to Amber who shared his manipulative and arrogant nature instead, arguably being the nicer of the two.



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