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Dr. Anton is a scientist working for the Space Shogunate Jark Matter and a major antagonist in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

His personality is split into two distinct halves, a good half and an evil half. His good half is responsible for the creation of heroic inventions such as Champ, aka Oushi Black, while his evil half designs weapons for the Jark Matter to further their cosmic conquest.

He was portrayed by Tsuyoshi Ujiki and voiced by Tetsuya Tashiro in his heart form.


Dr. Anton worked as a scientist for Jark Matter and designed many of their weapons, including the Cow Type All-Purpose Weapon series. Anton's good half constantly got in the evil half's way, prompting the evil half to build a machine to transfer its consciousness to to separate it from its good half, as well as enable it to live forever.

The good Dr. Anton later took one of the Cow Type All Purpose Weapons he had created, named "Champ", and reprogrammed it to be a fighter for justice. However, he was later assassinated by Scorpio for being a traitor to Jark Matter.

While attempting to turn key V on planet Toki in the Tokei System, Champ encountered an illusion of Dr. Anton and was paralyzed by his creator while two Tsuyoindavers attacked him. After being saved by Sasori Orange, Champ regained his senses and turned the key, though he remained confused by his creator's behavior.

On planet Ghem in the Perseus System, Dr. Anton later modified Madakko into a cyborg, dubbed Mecha Madakko, granting her a greater power at the cost of her regenerative ability.

Realizing Tsurugi Ohtori was gathering the Kyutamas necessary to break the barrier of Southern Cross, Don Armage ordered Dr. Anton to protect the constellation systems, though Anton assured the Shogun that the relevant Karos had their orders, and that Madakko at his side on Ghem. In preparation for the arrival of the Kyurangers for the Perseus Kyu Energy, Dr. Anton equipped Mecha Madakko with a remote that could be used to activate Champ's berserker circuit.

Dr. Anton later confronted the Kyurangers along with a Cow Type All Purpose Weapon Zero as they were pursuing Don Armage. While Lucky and Tsurugi left to go after Don Armage, Dr. Anton and the Champ 0 faced the Kyurangers. Champ attempted to persuade Dr. Anton to give up, saying that all would be lost if the universe was destroyed. However, Anton refused, stating he would be known as the scientist who eradicated the universe. Kotaro then calls him an idiot and that no one will know that after the universe is destroyed, angering Dr. Anton and prompting him to possess Champ 0, turning it into Anton Zero so he could fight the Kyurangers himself, only for him to be destroyed soon after.



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