Dr. J. Sweetface Applecheek is a supporting antagonist in Tom and Jerry: The Movie. He is the Straycatchers' former boss.

He was voiced by the late Henry Gibson.


He is first mentioned as a sweet man who runs a pet shelter. But after Tom the Cat and Jerry the Mouse are taken to him, it was revealed that he is really a cold, heartless pound owner who picks up pets belonging to wealthy people and sells them back for money (while the homeless ones are put to sleep). Luckily, Tom and Jerry escape Dr. Applecheek's pound by working together.

However, Dr. Applecheek later shows up in order to abduct their friend Robyn Starling, so he can sell her for one million dollars. The straycatchers tell Applecheek to save them from the ferris wheel, but Applecheek refuses to save them and later laughs evilly while he abandons them. Tom, Jerry and Robyn are able to escape him. Dr. Applecheek was defeated when the ice cream cart he was using crashes into the water due falling from a broken bridge, sending Captain Kiddie & Squawk towards the broken bridge to dangle from it.

It is completely unknown what happened to Dr. Applecheek afterwards, but if he didn't try to swim and drown, it's likely that he remained floating on the water until he was found and arrested for the police for both his involvement in Robyn's reward and his cruel actions against animals, assuming that he was exposed thanks to Tom and Jerry.



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