He opened a gateway, you know. Friedkin did. He took the real world and the spirit world and... he smashed them together. Then he tore a hole in the building and put...right through it.
~ Lance Preston about Dr. Arthur Friedkin.

Dr. Arthur Friedkin is the driving force of the Grave Encounters duology.

He is portrayed by Arthur Corber.


Dr. Arthur Friedkin appears as a deadly ghost with a male nurse outfit. He wears some sort of a helmet. He has a nightmarish face-looking, with big, empty orbits.


Grave Encounters

At the end of the movie, Lance Preston, the only one still alive, turns the camera back on after finding the secret operating room of Dr. Arthur Friedkin, who performed unethical experiments on Collingwood's patients. Lance finds pictures of the experiments, along with pictures of his team also being experimented on. He also finds evidence of satanic rituals and black magic.

Lance turns around to see Friedkin performing a lobotomy on one of the team members. Lance stumbles over a skull causing Friedkin to be closer to the camera before his face turns grotesque and roars at him. Lance's screams are heard before the camera cuts out. The camera is turned back on, showing Lance alive, though his eye is bleeding from a lobotomy. He then states to the camera "I'm so much better now...finally, I can go home," before the screen cuts to black, implying that he has now gone mentally insane from his operation.

Grave Encounters 2

While Alex Wright and Jennifer wander the tunnels, they enter the surgical ward and see Dr. Friedkin's satanic altar. The lights flash on, and the pair hides. They see the doctor and his nurses bring in a patient and perform a lobotomy. The nurses then present an infant to Dr. Friedkin, who sacrifices it, draining its blood all over the patient. One of the nurses hears Jennifer's terrified whimpers. She approaches their hiding place, so the couple flees in horror only to find themselves back at the red door.


Dr. Arthur Friedkin's personality is mostly unknown, but there is no doubt that, considering his actions in both movies, as well the nature of the haunted asylum, that he is an utterly insane and monstrous scientist who take joy in tormenting and sacrificing patients and strangers alike. He totally disregards human's lifes and only cares about his experiments. He is also highly sadistic, playing mind-games with his victims and toying with Lance once he brainwashed him.

Dr. Frienkin's altars and murders hint that he is satanist and he possibly sold his soul in order to continue living after his corporeal death.


  • Dr. Friedkin is arguably the true main antagonist of the series as a whole because he caused all the events in the first film and was responsible for Lance becoming insane, which led up to the events of the second film.
  • He is very similar to Dr. Vannacutt as both are cursed doctors who run a hospital, and were used to torment their patients and kill in atrocious ways anyone who dare to trespass their domain. They were highly sadistic and even in death, continued to torture and murdering. Furthermore, both are Pure Evil.
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