Ah, you noticed that, Mr. Bannon? How complimentary of you. Yes, Sumi releases a dozen or so each night. It ensures a sound sleep for me. In short, you will leave when I give the word, and not before.
~ Dr. Ashida

Dr. Ashida is an antagonist in the classic Jonny Quest series. He is the main antagonist of the episode The Dragons of Ashida.

He was voiced by the late Henry Corden.


Ashida was Japanese zoologist who lived on his own island. Dr. Ashida's life-long goal was to save the Toboru lizard from extinction, and he did so by experimenting upon the few Toborus left, genetically modifying them into 14-foot monsters which he dubbed the Ashida Dragons.

In addition to having a runaway ego, Ashida was also extremely ambitious, domineering, authoritative, and competitive when he trained in a variety of martial arts such as Judo and Karate. When the Quests came to his island for a visit, unaware that the famous scientist had gone completely mad, Ashida challenged Race Bannon to a martial arts contest. He became extremely volatile and irate when Bannon defeated him, and refused to let the Quests leave the island.

However, his multiple attempts to keep the Quests imprisoned and/or to have his dragons hunt them down came to naught. Blaming Sumi, his servant who he was known for ruthlessly abusing, he threatened to feed him to the dragons. Instead, Sumi, having had all he could take of the scientist's abuse, threw Ashida into the pit where the dragons were kept. It is assumed that Ashida was devoured by his own creations.

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