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Dr. Baltazar Czernenko is a supporting antagonist of the 2007 video game Crackdown. He is a former member of the Agency and the Research director of abominable Shai-Gen whose experiments on abomination creatures known as "Freaks" as failed experiments are atrocious.


Doctor Baltazar Czernenko is Shai-Gen's Research Director. His most succeeded creations are the emotion suppressors used to overwatch civilians submissive and the genetic speeds-up used to create so-called 'Super Soldiers'.

Czerneko's work concentrates on every illegal, abnormal, atrocious and unjustified field of medicine. The conclusions are seldom handy or sadistic, although, Shai-Gen is trustful another improvement is upcoming.

Luckily for them, Pacific City furnishes a healthy disposal of potential test subjects.


Czernenko's death at the hands of the Agent caused Shai-Gen's Super Soldier program to be shut down, and vital experiments to be fundamentally spoiled, producing an increasing number of strong freaks that the Corporation is struggling to restrain. The Research Facility is now on the bord of liquidation. This also caused the freaks to escape from the facility to attack any nearby individuals during night.

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