Dr. Bechmann is a minor antagonist of the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. He is a scientist who is in league with Karl Stromberg of the Stromberg Shipping Line.

He was portrayed by the late Cyril Shaps.


Along with Professor Markovitz, Bechmann was tasked by Stromberg to built a submarine tracking system for the supertanker Liparus so that its captain and his crew can use it to capture submarines. As the Liparus managed to capture a British submarine and Soviet submarine for their nuclear missiles, Stromberg's secretary Naomi summons both Markovitz and Bechmann to Stromberg, who happily informs them for a job well done and that they will be paid $20 million as a reward.

Before Markovitz and Bechmann are about to leave, Stromberg informs that someone within the company have been trying to sell the plans to competing world powers, and it turns out that Stromberg's assistant who previously had lunch with him is the culprit. Markovitz and Bechmann then watch in horror as the former assistant is fed to a shark as punishment for betraying Stromberg.

Markovitz and Bechmann are last seen boarding a helicopter shaking hands with each other over their success. However, Stromberg blows up the helicopter with a push of a button, killing both scientists before ordering their transaction to be cancelled to cover his tracks.



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