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Dr. Bonham.

Dr. Bonham is one of the secondary antagonists of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. He was a doctor at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital and a member of the Thorn Cult.

He was portrayed by Alan Echeverria.


Dr. Bonham's death.

His first appearance was in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, helping Dr. Loomis discover that Jamie Lloyd had given birth hours before her death.

Later that night, when Dr. Wynn (who revealed himself to be the "Man in Black" and the leader of the Thorn Cult) is confronted by Loomis at Smith's Grove, Bonham knocks Loomis unconscious to prevent him from shooting Wynn. Bonham and Wynn then meet up with the other cult members who are preparing to work on a scientific breakthrough experiment.

Bonham, Wynn and the other cult members start using Michael's genetic materials to harvest, exploit and study the power of evil in the operating room. Meanwhile, he was killed by Michael Myers (who entered) along with Wynn and all the other cult members.


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