Dr. Brinkman is the main antagonist of the 2003 spy action comedy Agent Cody Banks. He is the head of the criminal and terrorist organization ERIS that is bent on world domination.

He is portrayed by Ian McShane, who also portrayed Blackbeard and voiced Tai Lung.


Dr. Brinkman is the one who recruits Dr. Albert Connors to ERIS in order for him to build nanobots for him thinking ERIS wants to help with the world's oil spills. But Brinkman secretly wants to use them to destroy the world's defense system. After a successful demonstration, he orders Connors to make the nanobots giving him ten days to build them. He also has CIA Agent Bolivar killed when he finds out about their plans.

At Connor's mansion, Connors tells him that he had to freeze the nanobots in ice cubes due to them being inactive in the cold and to distribute them. They successfully feed them on a device which works. Brinkman reveals that he plans to use them to take over the world. Connors is angered by this and the three leave the mansion. Unaware that Agent Cody Banks hearing (who was invited to Connor's daughter Natalie's birthday party when befriended her in order to get information for the CIA). When Brinkman sees Cody fight some bullies. He realizes the CIA is on to him.

When Connors decides to quit ERIS saying he won't uses his technology to destroy the world. Brinkman sends his henchman François Molay and his men to capture Natalie in order to blackmail him.

After Natalie is brought to the ERIS base, Brinkman begins to get the nanobot's ready. When François discovers that Cody has snuck into the base and is trying to free Natalie. He orders François to get him. While Cody gets away, François brings Natalie and Cody's handler Veronica Miles to him. He forces DR. Connors to program the nanobots to work form by threatening to kill Natalie by having the nanobots feed on her. When Cody suddenly appears threatening to blow up the base if he doesn't release Natalie. Brinkman refuses, so Cody activites the detonators and the agents fight the henchmen and when Natalie breaks free from Brinkman causing him to drop the ice cube which Natalie makes him swallow. Despite François trying to deactivate them. The nanobots eat him alive.