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Doctor Cardoza Campbell is a male witch doctor from Fright Fest America 2014.


He was arrested by the town sheriff for his crimes, and was about to be hanged for what he did to his victims, but the sheriff see the town people run away after the excutioners revealed themselves to be monsters. One of them was Tula Cardoza lizard man assistant, cardoza thanks the servant of Ellenore to saving him and wanted to pay his debt, but the servant tell him the favor was not to him, but to his mistress Ellenore because its her who save Cardoza in reality.

When Cardoza finally meet Ellenore, he told her how he can pay his debt to her for saved his life, she tell him to make Lucy alive, Cardoza seem reluctant at first, but was convinced to do what Ellenore want, so he successfully bring Lucy alive and pleased Ellenore who thank him, at the end of the awakening, he proposed to Ellenore to be partner in crimes and make more monsters and Ellenore agreed with satisfaction, it was the only time we see Cardoza, because he didn't reappear since 2014 and Ellenore also maybe make her finale appearance.

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