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Dr. Carol Frost is one of the villains of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

She was portrayed by Asher Keddie.


A scientist, who was employed by William Stryker, a villain and military scientist. Working with Stryker when they were performing tests on Wolverine. She was saying to Wolverine to think of why he was doing this while undergoing the procedure. She said it could aid to deal with the immense pain during the Adamantium bonding process.

Helping the call out of Wolverine's pulse to Stryker during the experiment. At the Island later as well. She helped the construction of the Weapon XI. Stryker told her to prepare it and she the Weapon XI wasn't done he said for her to merely take her leave.

That is why Deadpool lost powers after the fall. Abraham Cornelius was a colleague of hers. In the comics her name is Carol Hines and her surname got changed to Frost for the film.

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