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Be happy we don't throw the whole lot of you into the incinerator. We've been tolerating more than our share of inconveniences in respect that you were humans once, but this is enough. It is time for you to act your size.
~ Dr. Dämmer threatening SCP-881-2166.

Dr. Dämmer is a villain in the SCP mythos.


Dämmer was a researcher at the SCP Foundation assigned to SCP-881, a pair of human cities that were shrunk to only a few centimetres by an unidentified SCP. However, Dämmer took the Foundation's view that SCPs were not people too far, believing that the inhabitants of SCP-881 were no longer human simply because they had been shrunk. As such, he remorselessly abused the 9891 inhabitants of SCP-881 and made no effort to resolve their situation.

In order to make containment easier, Dämmer ordered the sterilization of all inhabitants of SCP-881. However several of the "inchers" (inhabitants shrunk down to below 5 mm) resisted this by using their size to crawl inside those who were sterilized and sewing their tubes back up. Irritated, Dämmer confronted SCP-881-2166, the leader of one of the cities, and demanded to know what happened. Upon hearing of the inchers plan, he ordered that all of them be delivered to him and initiated radiological sterilization of the population. SCP-881-2166 pointed out how dangerous this was, but Dämmer ignored him.

After ordering sterilization, Dämmer began to experience severe internal bleeding, a symptom of being exposed to the SCP-881 contaminant which had killed several members of his research team. Upon finding no contaminant in the air, he realized that it was in fact caused by the inchers attacking people from the inside in revenge for their mistreatment. He sent a message to the O5 Council begging them to nuke Site-35 before going into an agony-induced spasm and losing control of his typing. He succumbed to internal bleeding soon after.


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