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David Henry

Dr. David Henry is the main antagonist in the book and movie, The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

In the movie, he was played by Dermot Mulroney.


David Henry takes his wife, Norah, to the hospital, during a snow storm, when she's having a baby. Surprisingly, it was revealed that his wife had twins. But as soon as the second baby came, David saw that it was a girl who had down syndrome. David looked back to when he had a sister who died for having a hole in her heart, so he entrusted the nurse to take his baby girl to a mental institution, but kept it a secret from Nora as he lied to her that the baby died. Caroline, however, decided to raise the baby girl as her own, married a man named Al Simpson, and moved to Philadelphia.

Over the years, David and Norah's relationship starts to rift as they spend less time with each other. David spends most of his time in his own private room where he hides evidence of his daughter from Norah, such as photos and letters sent from Caroline, while Norah hides her secret of drinking from David. Nora plans a funeral for her daughter without telling David.


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Throughout the movie, David Henry has not appeared to have aged, unlike his children, as he was shown to be a middle aged man with dark brown hair.

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