Dr. Dex Zeng is the main antagonist and final boss from Fighting Force.


Dr. Dex Zeng was a brilliant scientist, who used to work as a government agent and theology professor. During his time as an investigative researcher, he came to develop many synthetic drugs which he would then test on either himself or people close to him, even family members. As a result of this, he developed a megalomaniacal complex, believing himself to be the Chosen One, a new messiah, and gathered a large group of followers which included former employees, militia members and underground mobsters. Many events occurring towards the end of the century made Dr. Zeng believe that the end of the world would come by the year 2000, and so him and his followers prepared themselves for the inevitable and mandatory Apocalypse.

When 2000 finally comes, absolutely nothing happens. Dr. Zeng gets deeply angered, since he was absolutely sure from his years of studying that the end of the world was supposed to happen without fail. He eventually comes to the conclusion that something went wrong, and that it is now his job as the Chosen One to "fix" what went wrong and bring on the end of the world at any cost. Having a huge arsenal of mass destruction and biological weapons at his disposal, Dr. Zeng now prepares with his followers to enact his plans to destroy the world.

Snapper, a former lab assistant of Dr. Zeng, betrays his former boss after seeing his descent into madness and decides to do something before it is too late. He contacts Mace Daniels, a private investigator whom he knew, and urges her to stop the mad scientist. While Mace at first dismissed Dr. Zeng as a lunatic much like everyone else, she believes Snapper's story and decides to assemble a group of vigilantes, contacting Dr. Zeng's estranged daughter Alana McKendrick, who had escaped from her father before being experimented on, and the vigilante and former freedom fighter Hawk Manson. After Hawk agrees to join, he hires the inmate Ben "Smasher" Jackson, and so the four set out on their mission to bring Dr. Zeng down.

The group engage Dr. Zeng's minions, eventually discovering that he commands his operation from a base on a secluded island. Once they arrive on the island, they fight the security and eventually confront the mad scientist on the top floor of his laboratory. They finally defeat Dr. Zeng and hand him down to the authorities after his base is bombarded by helicopters. Dr. Zeng is arrested and condemned to a life sentence in prison.