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Dr. Richard "Dick" Icarus is the secondary antagonist (next to the Dark Judges) in the video game Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death.

Dr. Dick Icarus is praised as a brilliant scientist in Mega City One. He invented a medicine that resurrects dead animals. Dr. Icarus is respected by Mega City One's citizens. Unknown to the citizens and the Justice Department of judges, Dr. Icuras' medicine can resurrect other life forms including humans.

One day, an epic plague is unleashed upon Mega City One. It begins when a bank is robbed. Judge Dredd, the most respected and feared judge, is sent to contain the situation and arrest the robbers.

Afterwards, Dredd is informed about another situation: an unidentifiable virus is unleashed upon the populace. The victims are transformed into zombies or vampires. Dredd and a handful of other judges pacify a penitentiary and a large mall containing vampires and zombies.

The Justice Department traces the source to a lab where Dr. Icarus works. After descending through a long after shaft, Dredd hears an announcement on the facility's intercom. The speaker identifies himself as Dr. Icarus. He found out that the Justice Depart is invading the facility. He demands that his workers delete every file pertaining to pets. Dredd hears the announcement before going further into the facility. He destroys the mainframe in two labs while killing escaped creatures and arresting hostile scientists.

Dredd descends further until he reaches a third lab. Upon entry, finds Dr. Icuras himself. Dr. Icarus claims to have found the key to immortality. He injects himself with a fluid. Before the fluid can take effect, Dredd shoots a bullet at Icarus from a long range. Dr. Icarus dies when he is hit. The plague ends when the Judges quarantine the entire facility. Later in the game, Icarus' now-immortal corpse is posessed by Judge Death, who then moves to the Underworld. There, Judge Dredd follows him and, after a long battle, destroys Icarus' malformed body.

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