Dr. Emmanuel Klipse is the leader of the Eklipse organization and the main antagonist in the Monsuno series. His Monsuno is Backslash, and he formerly had control over Toxic Ace.


Dr. Emmanual Klipse wants revenge on Jeredy Suno and Jon Ace for failing to embrace his genius. In fact, he wants revenge on the whole world for not seeing his immense superiority. This leads him down a twisted path towards the goal of wiping out humanity for a new world order… a tabula rasa imprinted with his megalomaniacal vision of what should be – a world governed by the power of Monsuno, controlled by an army of Monsuno. Later season 3 Chase Suno and Team Core-Tech arrested Dr. Klipse and took her in the Cloud Carrier's Prison.


Dr. Klipse is a clairvoyant prophet of his own greatness. He is a crazed and psychopathic madman who is deeply in love with himself and his ideas. He is extremely ruthless and despicable, so he will do anything to achieve his goals.


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