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Chemo won't make your life any better... But caring will. Enduring pain, to keep someone you love happy, isn't that what life is?
~ Foreman's most famous quote when talking to Dr. James Wilson about refusing chemotherapy.

Dr. Eric Foreman is the main antagonist of the Universal/FOX medical drama House MD.  He appears as the main antagonist of both seasons two and eight, the deuteragonist in seasons four, five, and seven, the tritagonist of seasons one, three and six.

He was a well renowned neurologist and one of the original three fellows (alongside Dr. Robert Chase and Dr. Allison Cameron) on Dr. Gregory House's diagnostic team, and was the most consistent member of the group overall until 2012 when he took over from Dr. Lisa Cuddy as the dean of medicine Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, giving him full control and authority over House himself.

Although not traditionally a villainous character he has committed several morally rephrehensible acts over the course of the series mainly thanks to the influence of House himself although steadily becomes the most consistent thorn in the latter's side in regards to how they practice medicine and treat patients.

He was portrayed by Omar Epps.


Early Life


Season One


Season Two


Season Three


Season Four


Season Five


Season Six


Season Seven


Season Eight


Villainous Acts

  • Stole a car when he was a teenager.
  • Multiple accounts of breaking and entering into patient's homes.
  • Plagiarised an article written by Dr. Cameron.
  • Purposefully punctured Dr. Cameron's isolation suit while he was quarantined with a potentially lethal disease in order to extort her into going behind House and Cuddy's back to find the source of his illness.
  • Performed surgeries and tests without consent in his short lived job in another hospital as a diagnostic leader after quitting House's team.
  • Covers up Dr. Chase's murder of President Dibala by burning the forged medical records he used to deliberately fail the surgery.



Foreman was quite cold and stoic, although polite and reasonable. He could come off as fairly robotic at times although was emotionally sensitive deep down. He was far more level headed and less apathetic towards patient's lives than House but still had his moments of cruelty.

He considered himself equals with Chase and Cameron while on House's original team, however after the replacement team came along, he considered himself House's right hand man and above the rest of team, causing mild tension when Chase re-joined the group and continued to challenge his authority and scold him for his arrogance, usually failing to put him in his place however.

Foreman's arrogance although nearly as bad as House's was his biggest character flaw, with him being incredibly disconnected from most people around him, leading to several of his personal relationships being damaged.


Foreman was a muscular, well dressed, dark skinned man, with handsome features, brown eyes, with naturally black thick hair, which ranged from being either very closely cropped and short, to being fully shaved, he almost always had a neatly trimmed goatee however.

He was always seen wearing expensive suits or at the very least a shirt and tie when at work, although earlier on he was seen with the standard white coat of most doctors. He also had a few jackets and coats he wore casually, most notably a copper leather jacket, and a grey double breasted trench coat. He also wore leather shoes most of the time


  • He shares a similar name to the character Eric Forman from That 70s Show which caused some confusion among a few viewers since House MD first aired towards the end of the aforementioned show's run.



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