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Dr. Facilier is the main antagonist of the second book in the horror-themed Disney Villains series Disney Chills called Fiends on the Other Side. Rather than being the same character from the animated film, this version of the witch doctor is an enigmatic man who takes up his mantle in his thirst for power.


Early life

The Shadow Man was originally a member of magic users that the twin brothers' grandmother and Deseroux also were involved with. However, he became intrigued by black magic and grew more power hungry and greedy. As such, the members of the organization tried to fight him off, but he gravely maims the grandmother of the twins' with his dark magic thus forcing her to become a victim of the shadow curse, reduced to wearing black veils to keep herself from burning in the sunlight. The remaining members decided to create skull necklaces to stave the Shadow Man off.

From there, the Shadow Man decided to adapt the moniker of the mythical Dr. Facilier, a legendary voodoo doctor who according to myth, tried to take over New Orleans. The Shadow Man spent his long life trying to track down the necklaces to become more powerful and Deseroux speculates he killed Jamal and Malik's grandmother when she desperately tried to keep the necklace from his clutches. She left the necklace in her will for Jamal, whereas Malik inherited a trumpet.

Fiends on the Other Side

Upon first meeting Jamal, Facilier invites the young boy to his voodoo emporium and offers to make him a deal in return for obtaining the necklace: Jamal would have his chance to be in the spotlight and become just as loved as his older twin brother. While the deal seemed tantalizing, Jamal's fight or flight instincts kick up and he escapes. The Shadow Man angrily sends the dolls after the young boy and later on contacts his Friends on the Other Side for assistance with getting the necklace back. In agreement with his terms, they send shadow monsters to attack Jamal at his school and nearly has Jamal's own shadow strangle him.

The attacks continue relentlessly until Jamal woke up in the middle of the night to find a tarot card in his closet. Without warning, the shadow monsters return and he is assaulted by animated tarot cards. Seeing the Shadow Man standing at his front door, he wagers with him to give him something else that was of value that being Malik's trumpet. The Shadow Man seemingly accepts the bargain and Jamal wakes up the next day getting everything that he could have possibly wanted. However, it came at a cost: Malik was written out of the picture and was now a mere shadow that was in danger of fading out of existence.

Horrified, Jamal enlists Riley with helping him save his brother and they head to the bayou to seek Deseroux's guidance. Along the way, the Shadow Man sends more legions of voodoo dolls to hunt them down. After being saved by Deseroux, she explains that the Shadow Man can only retrieve the skull necklace if Jamal were to give it up of his own volition. However, Riley notes that the Shadow Man is least likely to keep his end of the deal, but Jamal surmises that either he lose his brother for eternity, or New Orleans will be under threat.

Deseroux and Riley fight off the dolls to save the two brothers enough time to escape. During their escape, Malik notes that the hurricane that was predicted to make touchdown that night seemed to have become more severe and unnatural likely because of the Shadow Man's doing. Confronted with the tall and lanky witch doctor, Facilier sics his shadow on Malik and threatens to have his shadow devour Malik if Jamal did not forfeit the necklace. Caught in a rock and a hard place and despite Malik's urgent pleas, Jamal gives the necklace over to the Shadow Man, and the charm over it gets broken.

When Jamal commanded that he return his brother to normal, the Shadow Man instead transforms him into a shadow gloating that Jamal should have listened to his grandmother. Becoming more powerful than ever, the Shadow Man swiftly takes over New Orleans and the city is struck with the full brunt of the hurricane's fury with streets flooding; roofs caving in; and fires spreading from the strikes of lightning. Once the lights are all destroyed, the Shadow Man's friends materialize on the earthly plane to likely begin feasting. The Shadow Man then issues martial law in response to the storm and gleefully laughs at the two boys that they would know what it would be like to be in the shadows forever.

The novel ends with Jamal and Malik's parents watching coverage of the hurricane whilst being blissfully unaware that they had children. All the twin boys could do is scream out, but their screams would go unheard until they ceased to exist.


  • Unlike the other Disney Chills counterparts of Disney Villains, this version of Dr. Facilier isn't the original one but a successor to the original Facilier, whose existence is even treated like a legend within the story of Friends on the Other Side.

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