Dr. Facilier is the secondary antagonist of the second-half of Season 7 of ABC's Once Upon a Time. He is a witch doctor in the New Enchanted Forest and a former lover of Regina Mills back during her years as the Evil Queen. In Hyperion Heights, he is known as Baron Samdi.

He was portrayed by Daniel Francis.


When he came to the swamp, he came across a couple of frogs and captured the female while transforming the male into a human to prey a princess. He was busy practicing voodoo in tent when Tiana went to him, he toldl her he knew why she came to him, it was because she was looking for a prince. Tiana tells him how he knew she was looking for a prince, he said that he is a fortuneteller he knows everything, he said to her that he has what she looking for, has he show her the frog he capture and give him a human form, of course Tiana learned by the frog that Facilier has captured him and his partner and keep her as his prisoner, has Tiana finally decided to confront him after the fight he disappears in purple smoke with an evil grin on his face, Tiana then reunited the two frogs lover who go back in the swap.

He then reappeared during Tiana's coronation, much to the shock of everyone. He also seemed to still be in love with Regina Mills. He is later a victim of the Dark Curse and is now in the city of Seattle under the name of Baron Samdi. However, he does remember his past life and is trying to reconnect with Regina/Roni, whom he had a fling with when she was still the Evil Queen.


  • He is based on Dr. Facilier from the Disney film, The Princess and The Frog. However, this incarnation is far more sympathetic than the original.


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