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Nobody likes Dr. Fetus, and that's why Dr. Fetus hates you!
~ The intro of Super Meat Boy on Dr. Fetus.

Keith Fetus, better known as Dr. Fetus or Omega Alpha, is the main antagonist of the indie game Super Meat Boy and its sequel Super Meat Boy Forever. He is Meat Boy's arch-nemesis, and will do anything he can to make sure Meat Boy dies. In the opening to the game, he beats up Meat Boy and kidnaps Bandage Girl, which means Meat Boy needs to save her. During gameplay when Meat Boy catches up to Bandage Girl, it only ends up with Dr. Fetus kidnapping Bandage Girl and teleporting elsewhere.


Made obvious by his name, Dr. Fetus is a small fetus in a jar. The jar is decorated with a top hat, black monocle, and black and white tuxedo with white flat feet. His arms comprise of two levitating black gloves, which move in link with the fetus' arms.

Under the time alteration to form the Other Side, Dr. Fetus transforms into Omega Alpha, a massive sentient cosmic storm with a spiral galaxy as its right eye and a bright neuron star as its left eye, able to create two large hands made from cosmic debris.


Super Meat Boy

Not only does Dr. Fetus serve as the main antagonist in the game, but he also serves as some of the bosses, whether it was a creation he made, or something else. The first of his creations was Lil' Slugger, a gigantic walker mech with a chainsaw at the front which was fought in Chapter 1. He uses it to chase down Meat Boy, but winds up crashing it into a wall, causing it to break down. Another one of his creations was Brownie, fought in Chapter 3. He is a monster who looks similar to Meat Boy but instead of being made of meat he was created with Dr. Fetus' feces. However, not long after Brownie was created, Dr. Fetus activated a trap that caused the Salt Factory they were both in to rise, in an attempt to drown them both in salt. Meat Boy survived, but Brownie did not make it out as he loses his grip after being pelted with bricks thrown by Dr. Fetus.

In the final chapter, Dr. Fetus is fought as the final boss of the game. The player must run from Dr. Fetus, avoiding the plethora of saws, pits, Dr. Fetus' missiles, and the two saw "columns" hanging from the top of the "castle" that Dr. Fetus controls, that kill the player if they wait around for long enough on any area of this section of the battle. The player is then trapped in a room with Dr. Fetus where there is a switch at the top of the ceiling. The player must dodge the missiles shot from Dr. Fetus and hit the button, then the player must run into another room and the floor will collapse, resulting in Dr. Fetus falling into a pit. When he lands, his glass jar will break, revealing his body completely. As he rolls around in pain and Meat Boy finally reunites with Bandage Girl, he will press a button, causing his "castle" to start falling apart. Then the player must go all the way back through the level, although with some notable tweaks, such as black smoke and a lot of shaking, making the escape arguably just as hard, though the saw columns "magically disappear" in a way that is never really explained after the player reaches the end of the first half. After Meat Boy and Bandage Girl manage to escape with the help of Brownie, Dr. Fetus falls on Bandage Girl's head and starts attacking her, but she manages to shake him off.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Dr. Fetus returns for vengeance against Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, this time kidnapping their infant daughter Nugget, forcing them to chase after him and rescue her. At the end of Chipper Grove, Dr. Fetus pilots a massive mech called Big Slugger, an upgraded version of the Lil' Slugger from the first Super Meat Boy. Despite damaging the machine, Big Slugger still lingers on and corners Meat Boy and Bandage Girl by a steep cliff. Before it can crush them with its chainsaw arms, Nugget toys with the eject button, causing the capsule to be ejected from Big Slugger to the Clinic, much to Dr. Fetus' anger.

At the Clinic, Dr. Fetus injects a sentient brain with a syringe before tossing it at a pile of broken glass, giving it psychic powers to become the monster Manic Manipulator. He stops Nugget from messing with the power of an air conditioner before retreating to his hideout in Tetanusville. Once Meat Boy and Bandage Girl reach the entrance to Dr. Fetus' lair, he unleashes his Lab Guardian to kill them, relaxing on a folded chair while spectating the carnage. After the two destroy it, Dr. Fetus throws his chair at them in anger and gives them the middle finger before dragging Nugget into his lair. In his lair, he is shown to have made countless attempts to replicate Meat Boy.

Once Meat Boy and Bandage Girl reach the depths of his lair, Dr. Fetus was there to greet them, sarcastically applauding their efforts. Just as the two were about to fight him, they hear noises around them, revealed to be multiple clones of Dr. Fetus. The two battle the multiple clones of Dr. Fetus, with damage only being dealt when they hit the real Dr. Fetus. Once they defeat him and the clones, Dr. Fetus presses a button, releasing a pile of unperfected Meat Boys that traps the heroes, making him laugh. Before he could finish them off, Big Slugger bursts through the wall, piloted by vengeful squirrels and deer energized by Manic Manipulator seeking revenge against Dr. Fetus for the destruction he caused in Chipper Groove. Just as they give charge, Dr. Fetus presses a button, activating Big Slugger's automatic self-destruction mechanism. The machine then explodes, destroying it and killing the animals, which makes Nugget cry. While Dr. Fetus attempts to stop Nugget from crying by playing with his shoe, the mortally wounded leader squirrel reaches Dr. Fetus' throne and dies on top of a big red button. This causes time to rapidly fast-forward and transports the entire planet to an alternate universe, the Other Side.

While exploring the Other Side, an elderly Meat Boy and Bandage Girl find Nugget and Dr. Fetus. As they lunge at Dr. Fetus, he is revealed to be a hologram that bursts into particles. The particles then fly into space and merge to form the eldritch Omega Alpha, which quickly begins absorbing the planets and other matter of the universe. Debris merge to form giant hands, which Meat Boy and Bandage Girl fight and destroy. Upon destroying them, Omega Alpha disappears and releases Nugget, finally reunited with her parents. Suddenly, Omega Alpha reforms and drops a large platform on them. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl hold it up but quickly lose their strength. Just as they were about to be crushed, Nugget offered her pacifier to Omega Alpha. Seeing this, Omega Alpha transforms back into Dr. Fetus, who gladly accepts the gift. Before he is able to pet Nugget, Meat Boy and Bandage Girl beat up Dr. Fetus, reverting time back to before the animals burst through the wall of Dr. Fetus' lair, only with Dr. Fetus knocked unconscious. As the animals, Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, and Nugget depart, Dr. Fetus wakes up and pounds his fists in anger, which opens up his suit's hand to reveal Nugget's pacifier. He sees Nugget waving goodbye, and waves goodbye to her.

In an after credits scene, it shows Dr. Fetus creating an army of perfect Meat Boy clones before equipping a shotgun. The screen then turns to black with the text "Dr. Fetus will return".

Additionally, Dr. Fetus can be unlocked as a playable character once thirty-one of the ninety obtainable pacifiers have been collected and the Other Side is unlocked. His classic appearance from the first Super Meat Boy can also be unlocked by clearing the high score of Chipper Grove's warp zone.

Other Media

The Binding of Isaac

While Dr. Fetus himself does not appear in The Binding of Isaac, he is referenced through the item of the same name, which replaces Isaac's tears with bombs when used. It is used when the player beats Mom's Heart nine times.

Dr. Fetus in Indie Pogo.

Indie Pogo

Dr. Fetus makes an appearance as a trophy in Indie Pogo.


Dr. Fetus appears as a playable character in Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien.

Creepy Castle

Dr. Fetus appears as a cameo character in Creepy Castle.





  • Despite his name, Dr. Fetus is not a real doctor.
  • Dr. Fetus has made more cameo appearances in other games than Meat Boy.