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All built to your specifications, Mister Black Hat, sir.
~ Dr. Flug Slys in the episode Bigger, Badder

Dr. Flug Slys, often simply referred to as Dr. Flug, is one of the main protagonist villains of the animated series Villainous.

He is voiced by Jose Antonio Macías in Spanish and by Todd "Eco Vox" Asayer in the English dub.


Little is known about Dr. Flug's past before the events of Villainous, although it is known that he learned Chinese in kindergarten and he used to play flute during his elementary school years. In the present day he is a nervous scientist who wears a paper bag over his head. He is also the one who creates all of the gadgets and machines Black Hat tries to sell. No one has seen his face except for, according to someone working on the show, Black Hat himself.


Dr. Flug is depicted as a tall, lanky male with white skin around his neck. He is often seen wearing a white lab coat, a blue t-shirt with an airplane on it, light blue trousers, red sneakers, yellow gloves, and goggles. He also has a paper bag over his head. His legs are unusually long compared to his body.


Dr. Flug appears to be a cowardly man, even though he is not an actual wimp. He is very intelligent and inventive and seems to like to 5.0.5., as he considers himself a father figure to the bear. In contrast, he and Demencia are often seen bickering, which shows a mutual dislike on their part. In his Orientation Videos for Villains series it is shown that he may have no problem with torture and threats targeted at children. He also appears to have somewhat of an ego when it comes to his intelligence. In addition he is constantly nervous and wears a paper bag over his head at all times for some reason. 

There is also an indication that he is a hypocrite, as in the inspection video about Mojo Jojo, he talked to 5.0.5. in a way parents talk to their small children, after he criticized Jojo for showing affection of his villainy.


  • Genius-level intellect: Flug is easily the most intelligent member of the team, having created most, if not all of the gadgets and machines Black Hat is trying to sell. Given their technological innovation and complexity, creating them would clearly require extensive scientific knowledge on Flug's part.
  • Driving/Piloting: Alan Ituriel has stated that Flug has both a driver's and a pilot's license.





  • The word "flugslys" means "aviation accident" or "plane crash" in Icelandic, ironically enough, the show's creator Alan Ituriel has said that Dr. Flug has both a driver's and pilot's license.
    • This may be related to Dr. Flug's t-shirt, and the airplane stuck on Black Hat's manor.
  • According to a tweet by Alan Ituriel, the reason behind Dr. Flug wearing a bag over his head will be revealed once the mini-series becomes a show.
  • Flug's favourite foods is pancakes, pasta, waffles and salad.
  • Flug used to play the flute in elementary school.
  • Flug learned Chinese in kindergarten.
  • As a child, Flug used to play video games, though no longer has the time to do so as an adult.
  • Dr. Flug is 25 years old, and will be 26 years old as of his birthday on August 23, 2019.
    • Given that the series is set in 2019, Flug's birth year is 1993.
  • Flug's birthday is on August 23.
    • Flug's zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Flug has a brother, however, it has not been specified whether he is his older brother or his younger brother.
  • Flug dislikes wearing clothes that show his skin, such as shorts but he would wear shorts if he has to.
  • He loosely resembles Bucky McBadbat, a character from the animated television series The Fairly OddParents as both of them wear bags over their heads.
  • In "The Lost Cases of Elmore", it was revealed that Flug has a collection of real life planes which he has shrunk down and stored like snow globes. Unfortunately, though, he doesn’t let the people out of the planes.
    • The episode also showed that he knew personally Gumball's mother, Nicole. They seem to have had a bad relationship with each other.


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