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Dr. Flurry is the main antagonist of the VeggieTales Franchise, The League of Incredible Vegetables. His primary goal is to freeze everybody in Bumblyburg.

He was voiced by Mark Steele in the original series and currently Joe Zieja in The VeggieTales Show.


Dr. Flurry's plan is to use his penguin minions steal the Fear-Dar from the museum. The Fear-Dar is fueled with people's fear and the main purpose is to freeze people. In the museum, the penguins attempted to steal the Fear-Dar, but they got arrested. They escape the police truck and gave the Fear-Dar to Dr. Flurry.

Dr. Flurry rode on his giant egg robot vehicle to use the Fear-Dar on the people of Bumblyburg. He captured the superheroes by freezing them. His giant egg robot hatched into a giant penguin robot. He was defeated by the youngest superhero, Richochet, because that hero faced his fear and threw a snowball at the Fear-Dar. Dr. Flurry got arrested.


Dr. Flurry appeared as a vegetable, gourd. He resembles another character, Jimmy Gourd, but he is a different character. Dr. Flurry also has features of a mad scientist. He has standing white hair and he also wears a lab coat.


Dr. Flurry's biggest fear is The League of Incredible Vegetables, because they made him fail his evil plan. He is also vengeful by wanting to freeze the people of Bumblyburg.


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