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Dr. Foley is a supporting antagonist in Cult of Chucky. He is an abusive psychiatrist who works at the Harrogate mental facility. He diagnosed Nica Pierce with schizophrenia, and worked with her to accept that she was responsible for the murder of her family.

He was portrayed by Michael Therriault.


Dr. Foley is a psychiatrist at the Harrogate Medium Institute, where Nica Pierce is sent following her acceptance of "her" killing her family four years prior. Foley (and the "sane" patients) doesn't believe Chucky killed Nica's family, but Nica herself, and uses the killer doll story to hide the shame. It is later revealed that the doctor had been sexually abusing Nica during their sessions through hypnosis, leaving Nica with no memory of it. At that point, Chucky (who had been snuck into the institute by Tiffany Valentine) knocks Foley unconscious using a glass bottle.

The following day, Foley believes Nica to be the one who assaulted him and blackmails her to receive sexual favors, threatening to send her back to her the asylum she was held in before her transfer to Harrogate. When he attempts to sexually assault her again, he is knocked out by Chucky again. He awakens sometime later and is killed by Chucky, who by then has transferred his soul into Nica (and is able to walk) by stomping his skull in with red heels (which Foley had put on Nica earlier).


  • Foley states that each Good Guy doll has one name out of 50 and that 2% of them were "Chucky".
  • Chucky is both disgusted and impressed by Dr. Foley. After knocking him out the first time, he is surprised by Foley's sexual assaults on his patients via hypnosis and says "And they call me sick?" and calls Foley "diabolical" for his actions and admits to being "a little envious" of it. The second time Chucky knocks him out, he comically claims he does not know whether to kill Foley or just take notes of his terrible deeds.


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