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Think?! Igors don't think!
~ Dr. Glickenstein to Igor.

Dr. Glickenstein is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2008 rendered 3D film Igor by MGM. He is Igor's former master, King Malbert's chief enforcer, and Dr. Schadenfreude's partner in-crime.

He was voiced by John Cleese, who also played Cat R. Waul in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. In the video game adaptation of the film, he was voiced by Gerold Wunstel.


A classic "mad scientist", Dr. Glickenstein is a cantankerous, cruel, and egotistical old man who regularly abuses and insults his henchman, Igor. Like all other mad scientists in Malaria, Glickenstein wishes to win King Malbert's contest with his evil inventions, it is unfortunate that he is not as smart as he thinks he is. According to Igor, his previous invention was an "Evil Lasagna", which failed to kill anyone (though it did taste pretty good).

Glickenstein's greatest weakness is his arrogance, which soon proved to be his downfall: during the construction of his latest invention (a weaponized rocket ship), Dr. Glickenstein discovers that Igor got two different transducers instead of only one - Igor suggests that the 21-gigawatt transducer would be safer, but Dr. Glickenstein blows him off completely, using the 16-gigawatt one instead. Shortly after turning on the rocket, it then explodes, killing Dr. Glickenstein and leaving behind nothing but his prosthetic arm.

Dr. Glickenstein was shown to have suffered from mother issues as his Mom called him a failure and suggested that he'd take up a plumbing job (which she also had). It is implied that this is what rooted his arrogant behavior, a need to prove himself to his disapproving parent.



  • He and King Malbert are the only two villains in Igor who died.
  • Glickenstein's death drives most of the movie's plot.
  • Glickenstein apparently holds a deep grudge against his mother, naming his doomsday device after her.
  • Glickenstein's name is based off of the classic mad scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein.
  • According to the DVD commentary, Glickenstein was killed off in order for the story to progress because the directors felt that if they kept Glickenstein around, he would slow down the plot.
    • Also, the commentary revealed that there was going to be a side-story where Dr. Glickenstein went back in time to stop his demise and both the future and present Dr. Glickenstein would team up to take down Igor. Again, the directors cut this out in order to advance the story. That and how Dr. Glickenstein could've come back in time when he was already dead to begin with makes little to no logical sense.
  • His real age is presumably unknown, but the actor providing his voice was around 68 years old at the time.


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