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Dr. Gray is the main antagonist of the Goosebumps book Egg Monsters From Mars. He is an evil scientist who studies strange creatures similar to eggs that come from mars, and will finish his study no matter what he has to do.


He was a scientist who was keeping "egg monsters", yellow and slimy creatures in a large hidden lair since they became falling in Earth after a meteor shower, who coincidentally only hit the town Dr. Gray and the protagonist, Dana Johnson, live. He keeps them in a secret part of his lab, which is very cold, as this is the temperature the creatures live in Mars.

One day, one boy named Dana, who found one of the martian eggs, which suddently hatched and revealed its creature, approached Dr. Gray, as he was the chief of the most trusted lab in the town. Dr. Gray intended on keeping Dana for experimentation since he had been in close contact with the "egg monsters" and tricked Dana into giving his egg monster to him, and he threw it with the others, and left Dana in the same room as them, in conditions where he almost froze to death, being saved by the "egg monsters" themselves, who kept him warm.

The "egg monsters" then worked together to overpower Dr. Gray, when the latter came back to get Dana to the experimentations, and allowed Dana to escape but by the time he convinced his parents to come to Dr. Gray's lair both the scientist and the "egg monsters" had disappeared.


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